Save the animals from getting stolen in Wonder Zoo. There is a poacher who is with his lackey who are stealing many animals from the wild from their families. The servant is a servile and a obsequious person who is simply determined to help his master through thick and thins.

It doesn’t quite work out their plan (which is what tends to happen if you try and pack a bunch of lions, some gazelle, zebras, and an elephant onto a single flatbed truck), and the animals bust loose like anything and run wild straight on the plains. So you need to round up whomever you can and bring them back to your zoo to their most safest shelter.

Your main aim is to make sure that all the cute animals are safe and give them a safe shelter which is zoo where they can lead the life of their dreams and the life they deserve. The graphics of this game are in 3D and are great. You will experience vast environments, big dinosaurs, cute animals in this game.WONDER ZOO

There are several million games on the App Store that allow you to look after the animals which also includes building a habitat for them. Roughly half of those are freemium games.

The special feature of  Wonder Zoo – Animal Rescue! that immediately craves for our attention  (aside from the rogue exclamation point in the title) is definitely without doubt is its lucid presentation – believ me it simply looks great. You’re given the standard isometric view typical of world builders alonside with it  the accompanying art is fully detailed and filled with true colour that catches our attention

There are 7 special maps in this game which will bring take you to an exciting journey. The maps of locations which you will find in this game are jungle, savannah, polar, paddock and the mountains. There is also a time machine in this game which you can use to time travel and discover everything about the dinosaurs.

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You are having the perfect chance of collecting some of the rarest species which include Phoenix and Unicorn which you can breed form a happy family. You can play Wonder Zoo on PC using Bluestacks. Read the guide below to play Wonder Zoo on PC using Bluestacks.


Lets move ahead to provide some basic descriptions about the FIRST IMPRESSION of the game. The 3D models of the cute animals related to the game that you rescue tend to populate your vibrant little zoo, through their act of scampering and running through fear or excitement about their environments and going about their business. They may  not be incredibly realistic, but they move smoothly and fluidly, bringing a lot of life to the various habitats of the game.



Well unlike most zoo games, you can’t simply buy your tenants. In order to acquire animals, you need to play a small driving game that involves chasing the marked animal across the fields. When you catch up to the beast, you’re given the option to throw some bait.

Cheaper bait, which you pay for with coins (the game’s soft currency), leave a fifty-fifty chance that your quarry will break free and run, forcing you to chase after it again—provided you have enough fue  l left to do so. If you buy bait with hard currency (peanuts!), you catch the animal without fuss or muss.


Android Emulator for pc

You can now download this game on your PC with the help of Android emulators Andy and BlueStacks.

  • Download the Andy emulator from the official website or Bluestack from its  official website and install it.
  • Now open the emulator and enter the name of the game i.e, Wonder Zoo  in the search box
  • Once the name of the game appears, select it using the mouse cursor  and click on install
  • The game will start downloading and then will install itself automatically
  • Once the installation is complete you will have the game ready to be used.So take a deep breath and start playing the game.


If you’re in the mood for a decent zoo game , Wonder Zoo will surely do the job for you. The size of the game is just 42mb and requires android version of 2.3 or higher.

Similiar games includes Little Big City, Green Farm 3 and many more. Go ahead try your hands on all of them and have a great time.