Enter and experience fun and adventure in War of Clans. Get a chance to rise in the power and bring justice to the world of TCG by balancing the everyday challenges. There are a lot of command creatures present in this game which will help you while you are on your quests. Fight the quests and take control over the Outcast, Believers and the Hellion Race.

WAR OF CLANS Join with one out of the many clans present and get ready to face battles and fight against your enemies. There are more than 1000 cards which are present in this game which are waiting to get conquered by you. Find out the best cards which you can ever get and customize them and show off your cards in the battles of War of Clans. This is actually a card battle game for android. Plus you can play daily battle between the clans, this is the very interesting thing about this game. You will get to play some epic battles in various type of greatly detailed maps.

You can fight your battle in a lots of different kind of maps with different graphics. Additionally, the game has several kind of rules, which is very easy to understand but you might not understand the whole game by just playing it one time. Anyway, it is not easy to leave this game, once you have played it, it is indeed very exciting to play a epic battle according to your strategy and collect some interesting play cards. Take part in this War of Clans and prove that you also deserve respect from other clans.


WAR OF CLANS requires Android version 4.0 or higher, the latest version of this game is 1.6 and the size of the game is around 50 MB.


There are more than 1000 of play cards to be play with, it is very delightful to choose cards according to your strength and weakness. You will have to choose the cards which best suits your clan quests. You can also customize the cards that you want to fight with and evolve and enhance the deck of cards to stand a chance in a battle arena of WAR OF CLANS.

If you can be the best clan in WAR OF CLANS then you will get the chance to rule the world of clans and earn some respect from other clan players. Players will face various kind of events from which they can actually earn some fame and medals, which will be pinned to their names. That is a very inserting way to show your achievements. You can also chat with other clan players to make some plans for your battle or take some advice from them. With its stunning graphics and artwork the game has became one of the most popular multiplayer fantasy game. The game is easy to learn but it will take some time to master.


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There are a lot of clan wars which are waiting for you. Apart from clan wars there are many events which are present in this game where you can earn a lot of rewards which you can exchange for upgrades and weapons. This game comes with special graphics because they are designed by international artists. If you want to play this game in Android Device then CLICK HERE

If you want to play this game on your PC, you need to install Bluestacks/Andy Android Emulator. You can install Bluestacks/Andy Android Emulator by reading the tutorial below.


Now it is possible to enjoy Android Apps and Games in your computer Using Android Emulator, to do that you just have to download Bluestack or Andy Android Emulator and install it to your computer. Read the installation guide below.

andy android emulator

• On the first step you just have to download Andy Android Emulator or Bluestack from its official websites.

•After doing the first step you have to enter WAR OF CLANS in the search box and the second step is done.

•After doing the second step, the name of the game will appear in the Android Emulator, however to install the application you will have to select WAR OF CLANS and click on install button.

• WAR OF CLANS will install automatically after completing the download.After the installation the application will be ready to be used, so you can enjoy the application on your PC now.


With this game you can totally dive into the world of TCG game and become a leader in this challenging world of multiplayer fantasy game. If you are a TCG game lover then tou will surely love this game.