Virtual Families 2 is the sequel to the famous Virtual Families game. Choose from thousands of people who live in your computer. Adopt any special person whom you like in Virtual Families 2. Help your person to choose a mate suitable for her and help him to start a family with her. You have to encourage them to work harder so that they can fulfill the necessities of their lives and can lead the lives in a great way.


In a way you have to live the way you lead your normal life, but the only difference here is that everything here is virtual. Customize your home by expanding it and renovating it thus making it as per the current trends and standards. Construct your dream home in Virtual Families 2 and shop the basic needs of everyday life such as groceries, newspapers etc. You can really experience your dream life in your computer while playing this game. You can adopt a person and his/her family to use the core aspects of VIRTUAL FAMILIES 2.

A person has to face challenges in his real life daily, just like that you will also face some endless challenge in this game too. You you want upgrade your virtual house, you will have to save money from your virtual household income, just like real life. You need balance all the expenses of your family while you are trying to enjoy your life, this game also allows you to adopt pets for your family. VIRTUAL FAMILIES 2 has the abilities to renovate your house, customize your rooms, manage virtual even and many more.

The main fact is that you enjoy all this on your smartphone just for free, the first time player will also enjoy the depth of this game.


VIRTUAL FAMILIES 2 needs 2.2 or higher version of Android to run itself. The latest version which is available of this game is but the size of this game depends on in what device you are playing the game.

Now its time to discuss some delightful features of this game.


At first, you will have to adopt a little person to play this game further, but the person will obviously live in your computer, you just have to help him/her to find his/her life partner for the sake of happiness. After that you can find a perfect job to feed the mouths of your family and to enjoy some luxuries. Players can also expend or renovate their beautiful virtual house.

After all this you can make the virtual house as you dreamt of and buy lots of items to fill up your rooms. You can also make some specific rooms in your house, such as, game room, music room, even you can make a nursery, isn’t it sounds fun? yeah that kind of fun you can really have on your computer to make your stress go away. Players can also shape up the personality of their adopted tiny little person.


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Teach your little person how to come across the basic goals of life, how to accomplish them easily. Ask your little person to go for a counselling so that he can easily choose the right career for himself.

Virtual Families 2 is ultimate fun filled game and you can also play this game on your PC using Bluestacks/Andy Android Emulator. Read the guide below to install Virtual Families 2 on your PC.


andy android emulator

Now it is more than possible to use this application on your PC, you can do that using Bluestack or Andy Android Emulator.

  • At first you have to download Bluestack from the official website or Andy Android Emulator from its official website.
  • After that you have to enter the name of the APP or Game in the search box, in this case you have to type VIRTUAL FAMILIES 2 in the search box to use this application.
  • After doing the second step, the name of the game or app will appear in the Android Emulator, however to install the application you will have to select VIRTUAL FAMILIES 2 and click on install button.
  • The VIRTUAL FAMILIES 2 will install automatically after completing the download.
  • After the installation the application will be ready to be used, so you can enjoy the application on your PC now.

System Requirements to play this game on computer

  • Processor: Pentium – 700MHz or better
  • RAM: 256MB
  • DirectX Version: 7.0 or above
  • Operating System: Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP
  • Download Size: 99 MB

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VIRTUAL FAMILIES 2 is very fun filled game, that really encourages you to lead you dream life in a virtual world. So if you want to have fun but with casualty, then you should try this game.