Experience heroic action in Viking Strike. The game is a combination of puzzle and RPG strategy which blends in a great way together. Create new heroes by taking help of the new mercenary system. Play new levels each week in which new heroes and mercenaries will come into action. You are the commander and it’s your responsibility to command all your Vikings, pirates, knights, zombies, wizards to uncover the greatest wonders.

VIKING STRIKEThere are a lot of heroes and villains present in this game which you have to collect by playing this game regularly from time to time. Take help of the hero summoning and gather some of the rarest allies. There is a unique evolution system present in Viking Strike which will help your heroes grow at a rapid rate. Play Viking Strike with your Facebook friends and win rewards in exchange.

Look up at the leader board and see where you actually stand. Challenge all the other players and reach the top of the leaderboard. To play Viking Strike on PC, you need to install Bluestacks, an Android emulator for playing Android games on PC. Read the guide below to play games using Bluestacks app player.


The best part  about this game is that you can choose different heroes in this game. Choose different heroes and make them perfect for the battlefield so that they can take over all your enemies easily without even getting a scratch on themselves. Viking Strike is the perfect place where there are unexplored lands which you can explore by taking help of all your heroes, but before that you have to use your power and skills to defeat all your enemies.

If you are into gaming you might have seen that there are different puzzle and RPG games out there, but Viking Strike is one in itself as it is a perfect blend of RPG game and puzzle game. There is no limit on creating new heroes as you have the perfect opportunity to use the mercenery system for creating powerful heroes. If you are bored with the same missions and format of the game, then dont worry as there are regular updates of the game which will being you new missions in the game and along with that you are having the option to create new heroes.

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If there are heroes in the game, there are villans also present in this game. Collect both, heroes and villans with you in the game. The environment of the game is great and the new evolution system present in this game will easily help in growing of your heroes which will make them more stronger and you will easily defeat all your enemies and conquer different lands.


Install and Play Clash of Clans On PC Using Andy Android Emulator

Follow the steps mentioned below if you want to install Viking Strike on your PC using Bluestacks or Andy Android Emulator.

  • First of all you need to download both the softwares from their official websites. Download Andy Android emulator by visiting this link and if you want to download Bluestacks click on this link.
  • Once you have downloaded the software, open the file which you downloaded and install it by following the on screen instructions.
  • After installation of the software has been done, open the emulator and type “Viking Strike” in the Search Box.
  • Upon pressing Enter you will come across many results displayed in front of you.
  • Select Viking Strike and install it.
  • Once installation has been completed you are ready to play this game on your PC.


There are some tips and tricks of this game which you can follow for easy gameplay and we have mentioned some of these in this post.

  • If you want to enter into new stages you need stamina. In every 10 minutes a point generates of stamina. As we know that there are different realms in this game so there are different stamina requirements for different realms. If you want to bur stamina, you can buy it using coins as 70 stamina costs 1 gold coin.
  • You can easily win gold by taking part in realms for the first time. If you manage to win the realm battle you will be rewarded with one gold coin.
  • Getting heroes is not difficult in Viking Strike as you can recruit heroes by spending little amount of coins, however there are powerful heroes also present in this game which you can recruit by using more coins.

These were some tips and tricks of the game which we think will definitely help you in easy gameplay.


The overall conclusion of this post comes out to be that if you want to play Viking Strike on your PC, you can take help of Andy or Bluestacks as these both are Android emulators and will help you in playing Viking Strike on PC. Install the game using the steps mentioned above and also dont forget to have a look at the tips and tricks which we shared as they will really help in easy gameplay.