Best Android Emulators for Windows and Mac OS

You might have played games on the Android Smartphones, but you might have thought to play those games on your Windows and MAC OS. Emulators are the interface between your PC and the Android game. You can install the emulator on the PC and can enjoy the game directly on your Windows and MAC OS. You can install almost all the apps like Temple Run, WhatsApp, WeChat, and many more on your PC. You may have thought of using these apps on the large screen and the PC will be the better choice. There are many emulators available for the Windows and the MAC OS

Top Android Emulators for Windows and Mac OSBest Android Emulators for Windows OS

BlueStacks – This emulator is one of the most used Android Emulator. This emulator runs on the beta version but you will not face any problem while running this emulator.

Download BlueStacks for PC

Andy – This emulator has gained lots of popularity and is among the most preferable Android emulator.

Download Andy for PC

AMD AppZone – If you like to play the Android games and want to play on the large screen then you can use the AMD AppZone Android emulator. You can enjoy the games on the large screen without hampering the quality of the image. Not only games but you can also use some of the apps which you will find on the page of AppZone application.

Download AMD AppZone for PC

Jar of BeansThis one became popular because it is said to be the only emulator which supports the Jelly bean apps and games. This one is also said to have easy to use and quite simple user interface where searching games and apps are really easy and smooth.

Download Jar of Beans for PC

You WaveIt is one of the most popularAndroid Emulator of the Windows. You will be able to search for the apps and games very easily and the download and installing process are also user friendly. High quality emulator with a premium software and is available for Windows 7 and 8.

Download You Wave for PC

GenyMotionIt promises that withinthat within 3 clicks you will have ready to use device. The interface of this emulator is user friendly and if you want you can also check the 3D performance of the application and as it comes with inbuilt command line therefore it provides a good control. Now it has been revamped to provide you with a rich experience of the apps and games in your PC.


Download GenyMotion for PC

WindroyWindroy runs on Windows 7 and 8 and Windows Vista. The main attraction of this emulator is that it gives you exactly the same experience that you would have got if you were using original Android. It provides support for the user interface resolution like 1920 X 1080, mouse, remote control, keyboard, Poe and Ethernet. You will be able to play games in full screen without hampering the quality of the image.

Download Windroy for PC

VMLite This provides good mouse support and easy to install. The simple user interface is quite easy to use and provides you with great image quality.

Download VMLite for PC

AndroVMIt is still developing but it is considered in the big league and will be working fine with the Windows and provides you with the Android feel.

Download AndroVM for PC

WindowsAndroidThis runs without the help of any virtual software as it is said to be running Androids inside Windows. Therefore it is expected to perform better than other emulators and it will provide much better image quality and speed will be much faster.

Download WindowsAndroid for PC

Top Android emulators for Mac

Virtualbox – One of the most popular emulator for Mac device and is void of complexity. Downloading is simple and there are innumerous tutorials which will be helping you if you face any problem in downloading process.

Download Virtualbox for PC

BlueStacks– The reason behind its popularity is because it comes free of cost and has easy user interface. Searching for apps and downloading them is quite easy and it will take you once to get a hang of it.

Download BlueStacks for PC


Now with so many emulators at your disposal you must be spoilt with choices. Each and everyone are effective but which one will suit you depends on your personal choice. Most of them have their tutorials available online so that you can get some help when you get stuck somewhere. When you are downloading the emulators you must make sure that you go through the specifications first to see whether your PC will support the emulator or not.

Just look into all the options and choose the best one as some emulator may be the best one for gaming purposes but doesn’t work well with android apps and vice versa. So if you are basically a gamer then choose the emulator which will suit your bill.