A prefect chance to become the god of thunder in Thor: The Dark World. The game is based on the movie Thor and you will be able to play all the characters in the movie in Thor: TDW.

Whether you like  it or not  but let’s admit it that – Thor is indeed a tough sell to the audience of the modern world. So may be because of this very fact that Thor: The Dark World – The Official Game, which has all the fantasies ,humour and preciseness  of its  very title, indeed hits the ground heavily like a mystical and an extremely powerfull hammer.

Malekith is an enemy of your world, Asgard from many years and he aims to destroy the 9 realms of the world. You have to fight against Malekith by taking help of the greatest avengers as well as the greatest warriors present in Asgard and set  on to start the epic quest to stop Malekith’s darkest ambitions and also to restore peace and order to all of the the Nine Worlds.thor: tdw

Thor can indeed be  best-described as a single-player in a multiplayer online battle arena where Thor is the only champion who is controlled directly by the player who is playing it .

As he moves through the  multiple stages of the game which is spread across a myriad of mortal realms, either defending his base or on the other hand attacking the base that belongs to his deadliest enemies. With his ongoing battles he steadily acquires  the ability or the power to summon various einherjar, NPC combatants that automatically traverse each level, engaging the mighty enemy forces.

Make your own team to destroy all your enemies by training some of the best asgardians such as the warriors three, sif, heimdall. You can also upgrade the power and abilities of your allies get more upgrades such as healing and teleporting. Some of the villains which you will see in this movie are rock giants, jotuns, dark elves and marauders.

This game play of Thor: The Dark World game is actually divided  into various tasks related to different other worlds. There are basically two specific actions of stage, the first one being ATTACK and the other being DEFENSE.

You must complete the stage according to the requirement to beat the stage.


the first topic being the Attack stages. These are the stages within  the world where your sole objective is to brutally attack the base of the enemies vanquishing it along side. You will move  through the entire level with your massive army and try to take down the terminal at the end.



the second topic being the Defense stages are indeed very different from Attack stages because as the name implies the sole objective is based on defending  your own position within the specific  area while your might enemies are rushing towards your team. There is actually a timer  without the  need to destroy anything, you just need to wait until the timer ends.


Much of the Thor character is aptly controlled through tapping or just holding your finger down on the position you wish to specifically move and attack. There’s no much to controls other than that.

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Choose from more than 10 hammers, your favorite and powerful weapon. Play this game with your friends and beat their scores and come at the top of the score board.  You can play Thor: TDW on your PC using Bluestacks. Read the guide below to play Thor: TDW on your PC using Bluestacks.


Android Emulator for pcIn order to play THOR: TDW on PC you need to use Andy/Bluestacks android Emulator. Below is the tutorial to download and Install these Android emulator, you can download either one of these.

  • Download the Andy emulator from the official website or Bluestack from its  official website and install it.
  • Now open the emulator and enter the name of the game i.e, Thor:TDW  in the search box
  • Once the name of the game appears, select it using the mouse cursor  and click on install
  • The game will start downloading and then will install itself automatically
  • Once the installation is complete you will have the game ready to be used.So take a deep breath and start playing the game.


The game comprises of some excellent graphics, cool music, and some superb dialogues. there are large numbers of costumes and hammers to unlock. Some of the cons include the difficulty to control the character and the helpers.