Enjoy theme Park now on your PC, the game which is a phenomenon for Android smartphones and tablets. Come and be part of this epic journey of roller coasters and amazing rides. You have to construct amazing rides and roller coasters in your theme park so that more and more customers get attracted and come visit your theme park. Upgrade your shops by repairing them and making them more beautiful than ever.


Upgrade both your rides and shop and see the cash rolling in your pockets. There are many quests which you can complete while you are playing this game and upon completion of these quests you will earn big rewards and bonuses. If you can’t wait you can buy super tickets which will speed up the construction process of your theme park. You can play this for free.

You will be given a huge plot to build a park on it for kids. Unlike other old park building games you don’t have to create path on your park manually in this game, Players will find a certain spot on the plot that they are given to place the shops or rides and other attractions, for example there will be a medium place to put the medium size of attraction or rides and so on. After all these attractions of your park are placed in the right place, you can even upgrade them to increase the money count.

Many of the interesting rides will cost tickets to purchase, you can buy tickets with real money anyway or you can get it by the time when you Park’s level will increase. You will find the graphics of THEME PARK really cute, you can also run your rides by moving your fingers. That is the most delightful part of this game.


Well, to play this game you will definitely need a data connection and this game requires 3.2 or higher version of Android for the running of its latest version 4.5.49. However, the size of the set up file of THEME PARK is around 250 MB, which is quite high but its maybe for the vivid graphics of this game.


You can build some huge roller coaster in this game and upgrade it to make more cash. Well, the bigger place in your park will be reserved for the roller coasters automatically. Players can definitely experience some eye-popping graphics in this game. You will have the whole responsibilities of the park. Upgrade rides, restock shops, repair rides will be you main objective. Earning THEME PARK cash depends on how fast you can upgrade your rides, because upgraded rides will bring more cash to you.


You will be given some certain quest, by completing them you unlock other interesting rides and shops for you park, but if you don’t like waiting then you can buy some tickets to boost your construction and unlock items instantly. So, with tickets THEME PARK sounds like more fun.

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To play Theme park on your PC, you need to install Bluestacks/Andy, Android emulator which will help you in running Android games and apps on your PC. We have written a short tutorial below for installing Bluestacks and playing Theme park on PC using Bluestacks. Read it and play Theme park on PC.



andy android emulator


• On the first step you just have to download Andy Android Emulator or Bluestack from its official websites. to do that just click on the highlighted name of the software.

• After doing the first step you have to enter THEME PARK in the search box and the second step is done. now read the 3rd step.

• After doing the second step, the name of the game will appear in the Android Emulator, however to install the application you will have to select THEME PARK and click on install button.

• THEME PARK will install automatically after completing the download.After the installation the application will be ready to be used, so you can enjoy the application on your PC now.


Well, the premium items of this game is quite expensive, but with cute graphics, the new touch control and fascinating interface this game worth a try. However, THEME PARK is developed by EA games, so you should try this one.