Build your own great and biggest home in the Wild West in The Oregon Trial. The game is filled with fun and there is a lot of adventure present in this game. In this game you are having the duty of creating and managing your own frontier town all by yourself. In this game there are memories of the old version of The Oregon Trial which will bring the adventure and fun back in your lives.


The Oregon Trail has its resemblance quite similiar to its predecessor . Just like  in the history books, you start in Missouri and from there you move towards the west following the the familiar route that you are being provided. If you wish you have the option to even stop and trade with all the Native Americans and other travelers and even purchase supplies at forts or hunt for food But chances are there that you can even  lose most of your belongings to dreaded robbers and in all probabilities fall victim to illnesses brought on by the extremely tiring as well as demanding pace and harsh conditions of the surroundings.

In addition to it there are various tweaks related to the familiar formula that help to make things more active and contemporary, however. Construct new buildings and farms and harvest crops in them as the way you want it to be done. The Oregon Trial comes with many mini games such as fishing or hunting which you can play for gathering more resources. There are daily rewards present in this game which you can win by going into the prospectin. There are also dangers in your way in the Wild West such as hurricanes, stampedes and lots more.


Occasionally, you may come across welcome diversions. Sometimes you ought to find a particular wagon that you would use to  scavenge for things such as vitals quite occasionally you locate a particular berry patch that you can potentially raid for enough berry supplies  that you won’t even have to worry about hunting for a some time. The amount you can obtain really depends on your luck, since you merely have to indicate that you’d like to search.

There are some activities like hunting and fishing that asks for your excess attention.Sometimes you may afford look off to the side of the trail, and animals run back and forth or even they may run towards you. There are trees and bushes that can prevent you from firing a pretty clean shot, but mostly it’s a low-stress shooting gallery.

You have plenty of time to bag a bunch of animals (if you brought enough bullets), and the most important fact is that there’s absolutely no limit to the number of times you can go on hunting. If you stop near a fishing hole, you can even try your hand at that sport instead.


If you’re lucky, you have two or three rabbits coming to you at once. Or if you’re less fortunate, there are one or two, or you just stare at the bland environments for a few seconds before a turkey suddenly materializes.

In addition, you’re deprived of the morbid satisfaction of watching animal corpses pile up; any woodland creatures you shoot vanish amid a burst of stars. Sometimes you kill a critter and receive credit for the kill, but it keeps moving around the screen, freshly invincible.

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There are neighborhood villages which you can visit and take the help of the people living in those villages for building your home. To play The Oregon Trial on PC, you need to install a software called Bluestacks. Read the guide below to install Bluestacks on PC and play The Oregon Trial on PC.


Android Emulator for pc

Follow below tutorial to Install and play this game on PC or Mac using Andy/Bluestacks Android Emulator.

  •  Andy emulator from the official website or Bluestack from its  official website .Given aside are the two links, you can download them to your system.
  • After the first step just open the emulator and type the specific name of the game i.e., THE OREGON TRAIL in this case.
  • When the name of the game appears just click on it to install
  • Subsequently the game starts downloading
  • Installation starts automatically.
  • After the installation is complete start playing the game.


To write about the concluding words, there are still some cons that needs to be addressed. Considering the graphics and the presentation as well as  the graphics part it seems that there should have been atleast some decent modifications. Seeing the presentation it sometimes gives us a feeling that the very game was released decades ago when the technical advancement was still limited.

Having said all these the game is still pretty much interesting to play and traverse throughout the levels