Buck Crosshaw was an innocent men who got trapped in a misunderstanding of killing a person in Six Guns. Get the best experience in Oregon and Arizona which is completely filled with new events, challenges which you have to complete. Don’t think that you are not in danger by seeing that the land is beautiful as you are having many enemies in this game such as vampires, outlaws and many un natural foes.


There are more than 40 missions present in this game in which you will find a great variety of tasks to be completed. Some of the tasks which you have to complete in this game are riding horses, taking off the robbers, killing all your enemies and many others. There are 8 horses present in this game which you have to unlock along with that there are 19 weapons and different kinds of clothes and ammo which will help you succeed on your amazing adventure.


Six guns, the so considered as excellent Wild Wild west shooter game from Rockstar is quite spectacular when it  comes to the graphic features but at the same time dishearteningly falls short in some other aspects as well.

It’s basically a huge action adventure game where you need to extend through much of the wild west plains as a single and lonely man carrying a gun embarking on missions for the sake of money.

It simply goes without saying that the graphics as already been mentioned are stunning. the so called Game world is very large and contains beautiful desert scenery , exquisite towns and even contains acute detailing of the characters.

Being the Western themed game it’s obvious that the protagonist would be acquainted with horse riding. You need to press the particular horse button after which the hero whistles for his horse and almost instantly mounts on it.

One of the most countable features of the game is that the game’s store sells various types of clothing, guns, armors and even horses at premium currency.

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Six Guns is available for free at Google Play store and you can now play this game on your PC. There is a software called Bluestacks which helps in running of Android apps and games on PC. Read the guide below for finding out the procedure for installing Bluestacks.


While all the features being mentioned lets come to some of its inaccuracies. Well there are quite a handful of them.

  • The very first one of  its cons include its constant nagging for paid upgrades and other distracting notifications though it being a free game.
  • The most disappointing feature of this particular game is that it is void of any proper story line or to be more specific it simply does not have any.The most disconcerting fact is that there is absolutely no introduction to BUCK CROSSHAW
  • Certain inbuilt distractions that take away the entire gaming experience, given to the fact that the game bears the title of Gameloft.
  • The controls are a major drawback and often do not work as they should be.
  • The jobs that we need to undertake often vary in such a manner that they seem irrelevant to each other.
  • After some time the mission seems to be quite same to each other.


Android Emulator for pc

You can now download this game on your PC with the help of Android emulators Andy and BlueStacks.

  • just download this  Andy emulator from the official website or Bluestack from its  official website and install it.
  • Now kindly open the emulator and enter the name of the game i.e,SIX GUNS  in the search box
  • Once the name of the game(here for ex:- SIX GUNS)  appears, select it using the mouse cursor  and click on install
  • The particular game will start downloading
  • It  will go on to install itself automatically
  • After that you will have the game ready to be used.


While Six-Guns is obviously based on another game called Read Dead Redemption, it actually focuses far less on a concrete story. The few handful of all the story missions it does have were originally added to the game via specific updates to the original iOS version.