A meltdown took place in the Simpsons tapped out and now it’s your job to completely rebuild it. You have to completely rebuild the springfield all your yourself just the way you want it to be created. You have to help the main character of this game, Homer in finding him his lost family which includes Lista, Marge, Bart his friends.

the simpsons tapped out

You will come across many tasks in this game and upon completion of these tasks you will earn rewards which includes your all time favorite yummy donuts. There is also a mart in springfield where amu has to work and its your responsibility to make sure he is on the job. You also have to take care of Cletus’s farm as the farm is available for growing and harvesting tomatoes. It is gradually becoming the one of the most popular game of EA. SIMPSONS have millions of fans out there, for them this game is absolute delight.

You can actually create your own fantasy village in this game. Now you can play this game, just how you saw it in the T.V show. You will actually feel the life of Springfield in this game and the most important thing is that the game is free to play. Anyway, SIMPSONS is like other village building game but with some freshness and delightful aspects. You will be given a task, you just have to perform the task as well as you can. After that you just have wait for a time to collect your reward and by those rewards you can gradually upgrade your village.

THE SIMPSONS TAPPED OUT has a very significant layout and eye catching graphics, which is developed by EA. If you love the games like farmville, you should try this one.


The size of the game is around 37 MB and the latest version of this software which is available for downloading in Playstore is 4.8.0 and it requires 2.3.3 or higher version of Android to install it.


The first thing is that you can play this game for free and you can make the home town of  SIMPSONS, which is Springfield just like you want it. The main task of this game is to take care of SIMPSONS’s family, for example you have to help Homer to find Bart, Lisa and other people. Complete your tasks carefully to earn some valuable points to upgrade your home-town. Players have to make Apu work a great long shifts at Kwik-E-Mart, which is the most funny part of this game.

You have to grow and harvest Tobacco on the farm of Cletus, you can actually earn some big points by doing this task. You can also throw some big parties in this game, just like you have watched it in your childhood. Player can also visit their friends and play some pranks to earn some extra points. To download this game for your Android device CLICK HERE.


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Use the conform-o-meter to find out your consumerism, indolence. You are also having many friends in the springfield and you should visit them from time to time, play with them and don’t forget to play pranks with them.

You can now play The Simpsons Tapped Out on PC with one special software named Bluestacks/Andy Android Emulator. Read the guide below to find out the tutorial for installing Bluestacks/Andy Android Emulator on your PC.



• At first you have to download BLUESTACKS OR ANDY ANDROID EMULATOR from the official websites, which is a very easy thing to do. just CLICK HERE for Andy Android Emulator or CLICK HERE for Blustacks. Anyway, those two software does the same thing, so choose any one of them.

• In the second step type THE SIMPSONS TAPPED OUT on the search box in the downloaded software.

• THE SIMPSONS TAPPED OUT will appear in the layout of the Android Emulator, after that you just have to select the and clicl on the INSTALL tab.

• After that, THE SIMPSONS TAPPED OUT will be installed automatically after completing the download. Now use the application on your computer.


THE SIMPSONS TAPPED OUT is developed by EA games, which is why this game has a freshness and some new ideas to make this game more welcomed to its users. So, if you are village building game love, you should definitely try this game.