Install Shazam on Windows and Mac

Developed by Shazam Entertainment Limited, Shazam is a very interesting music and audio app. This app recognises the audio as well as music sounds that are played around you. All you need to do is click on the Shazam button and you can instantly explore, match, share as well as buy music and audio tracks.

Shazam for PC

There is no limitation on how frequently you can use Shazam. Using this wonderful app, you can buy tracks from Amazon MP3 and from the Google Play store. Shazam is available for all Android powered tablets which allow you to watch any music video on YouTube directly from your device. Also, you can see which of your friends are using Shazam. It also allows you to listen to the same music on Spotify and Radio.

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Not only this, you can also check for the artist’s biography as well as their discography. Apart from this, you can preview and save your favourite stuff for future use while also share your Shazam videos on sites such as Google+, Twitter and Facebook. Shazam is now available for PC as well. You can use Bluestacks app player for this purpose. Scroll down to download and install Shazam on PC. To install Shazam on Windows 8 PC, Just download it from Windows 8 Apps Store or Click here to go to product page

Features of Shazam

Well if you can fondly remember your childhood memories then you could well remember the word SHAZAM from your comic books. Still if you don’t remember SHAZAM was actually the magic word used by Billy Batson in order to transform himself to Captain Marvel or the Comic Superhero. All we can say is that the application bears the same name may be because of the fact that the application really feels like magic. Well lets come back to the main features of the Application.

 Shazam is a music app which can simply  notify  the song  that you would wish so much to have but simply unaware of its name since you last heard it somewhere say on a radio, at the club, elevator, bus or in office, in the mall or anywhere. Sometimes during the course of the day we usually come across so many amazing songs like these but sometimes fail to note their necessary details regarding the name of the artist or song name, Shazam helps us to overcome those shortcomings.


Open the Shazam app and use the tag button on the top and let Shazam do the rest. The application would listen to the track being played to it for some few seconds and then would get back to you with the full details of the track for example the artist, album, track, history and also various links to purchase so that you can download the song to your system or if you even wish to add it to your itunes. Shazam is satisfactorily faster than most and the most exciting part is that it is more accurate. That goes without saying that it would work well in quieter environments that means environments with less noise interference. Well at times it may be quite difficult for Shazam to find any obscure or uncertain music and it would work best only with recorded music.

So as already been mentioned Shazam instantly recognises almost every music or media playing around you in these times. You can tap the Shazam button to tag or explore or buy or even to share and comment. The important thing about the tagging  is that it is unlimited. Advantages of tagging something is:

  1. Buy From iTunes and then you can also buy other tracks or gain information about the same artist.
  2. Watch videos on YouTube.
  3. Share tags on Shazam friends.
  4. You can even use the LyricPlay to sing alon with the streamed Lyrics.
  5. Have a look and gain knowledge about the artist’s biography and discography.

 Some of the added advantages of tagging are:

  1. You can have a preview all of your favourite tags and also save them  onto your device.
  2. You can easily share your tags on Facebook, Twitter or on Google+.
  3. Provides you with the facility of Interactive Maps with which you can explore what’s popular around the entire world.


Android Emulator for pc

  •  Andy emulator from the official website Given aside is the two link, you can download the it to your system.
  • After the first step just open the emulator and type the specific app name.
  • When the name appears click on it to install.
  • Subsequently the app starts downloading
  • Installation starts automatically.
  • After the installation occurs use the App