Samurai Siege is one of the best combat strategy games available on Google Play for Android smartphones and tablets. Build your own village and create your army and train them so that you can take over other players who are your enemies. There are a lot of combat strategy games designed for Android smartphone and tablets but this is the best multiplayer strategy game.

SAMURAI SIEGEYou have different kinds of enemies such as samurai, ninjas and other different creatures. Protect your village from the attacks of enemies and destroy all of your enemies. While playing this game you will find different locations which are snowy mountains, lush forests and sandy deserts. Defeat other players using multiplayer gaming mode and once you have defeated them loot their belongings. The game has two basic parts, one is that you have to manage a village and the other one is combat. You can always upgrade a new structure in your village. There are many interesting building that you can place in your village, such as, arrow tower, coin generating structure, market place and many more.

Arrow tower can ensure the security of your village. Players can also build their own troops and train them for the battle. After completing the training you just have to tap the screen to unleash your troop, after doing that just sit back and enjoy the action. The more resources you will have, the more stronger your village will become. The virtual currencies of yours in this game are represented by a green circle in top left corner of your screen. You will earn coins from the market by trading you resources, so it is all connected with resources, that is the thing is really matter in this game.

Eventually it is really important to upgrade your castle for the sake of your village’s security. You can unlock more buildings and resources with the virtual coins, so take every opportunity to earn coins wisely. Diamonds are the most valuable currency of this game, you can build almost anything instantly with diamonds, but obviously it is not a easy thing to collect plenty of diamonds, unless you spend real money on this game. Overall, it is one of the most interesting and brainy game that you will find in the market right now.

The size of this game and the version of this game both depends on what device you are playing the game, but it requires at least 4.0 version of Android to install the game successfully.


You will experience a real time strategy combat gameplay while playing SAMURAI SIEGE. You can actually turn your novice village into a strong mighty kingdom. You can get categorized troops in your own build Army, such as, Ninjas, Eastern monsters, Samurai, Battering Rams etc. Players can also hold a battle against other SAMURAI SIEGE players, which is one of the thing that you will find interesting in this game indeed.

The game has several environment to battle in, such as Rocky mountains, Lush valleys etc. You would sometime feel that you cannot stand alone against other SAMURAI SIEGE players while playing in multiplayer mode, but just then you can create some friends in the game and turn the tide of the battle while you are engaged in a war against your enemy.


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You can even join other players and form alliance with them. Build powerful alliances and destroy the realm. Gain rewards after taking part with other players by forming alliances. You can add different characters in your army which are Ninjas, Samurai, Eastern Monsters and Battering Rams. This game is available for Android smartphones and tablets.  To download this game for your Android devices just CLICK HERE.

if you want to play this game in your PC, you need to install Bluestacks/Andy Android Emulator because there is no PC version of this game available.


Install and Play Clash of Clans On PC Using Andy Android Emulator

It is a great thing that now you can also enjoy Android games and apps on your computer. If you want to enjoy SAMURAI SIEGE  in your computer then carefully read the instruction, which is mentioned below.

• The first thing you have to do is to download Bluestack or Andy Android Emulator from the official websites. To download them just click on the name of the Android Emulator.

• After that you have to enter SAMURAI SIEGE  in the search box. After that do the 3rd step carefully.

• After doing the second step, SAMURAI SIEGE will appear in the Android Emulator, however to install the application you will have to select the specific name and click on install button.

• After doing all those above mentioned steps  The SAMURAI SIEGE will install automatically after completing the download. Now you can enjoy this application on your computer.


Most of the gamers love to play a unpredictable game, well, with all the features which is mentioned above this game is truly unpredictable, this is the most interesting thing about this game. you can’t predict when your friends will join the enemy team of yours and vice versa.