Rogue: Beyond the shadows is an action filled RPG game which makes your path towards a magical journey. You were living a normal life in your town and you knew all your neighbors. It was a normal day when you woke up and saw everything around you as changed. You were present in the middle of the forest, with no one around you.

rogue beyond the shadowsYou try to find the directions to your home and once you are able to reach your home. You get another surprise as no one remembers you in your town. Something has happened a day before which led to all this confusion. But don’t worry as your adventure has just begun and you are going to start exploring it now. Your present world is full of magic and it contains many creatures which include lizards, goblins, skeletons, necromancers, gnolls and other creatures.

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There are different dungeons which you will find in this game. Stop looking and start playing Rogue: Beyond the Shadows on your PC by installing Bluestacks app player. Read the guide below to find out the tutorial for installing Bluestacks or Andy on your PC.


This particular game is bought to you by Codestalkers the same developers of Evelands: Unleashed. They brought this particular which they have been beta testing for a while. They call this game Rogue:Beyond the Shadows. The story of the game is actually quite hard to extract directly from the game though ,it is actually a single player open world Action –RPG. The game features some unique visuals which are rendered completely by 3D to accompany the gameplay.

Have you ever imagined how is it to feel your life turning upside down just in a single night sleep? If Suppose you live in a town for many years consecutively and have known your neighbours for quite a while and suddenly you wake up one day and you find yourself in a complete unknown place, how would it be?


Rouge: Beyond the Shadows is just like that. It actually follows the story of your character who used to live in the same  town doing the same thing over and over and he was content with himself. Suddenly he wakes up one day in the middle of the forest confused, alone and lost without any  idea how he got there. When your character returns home nobody absolutely nobody remembers who you are . That’s when your adventure finally starts and all you need to do is to find out what actually happened to you and how can you fix everything.

Some of the fantastic features of this game is that you get to explore a fantasy world full of magic in which many goblins, skeletons, lizards, gnolls and many more creatures are their. You can have immense hours of gameplay which also includes a main world with entirely different dungeons.


  • This software comes with both camera and microphone integration.
  • It has full ARM support in it.
  • All the sensors are integrated inside this software which will allow you to get the real android experience on your PC.
  • It delivers push notifications directly on your PC.


Android Emulator for pc

Follow below tutorial to Install and play this game on PC or Mac using Andy/Bluestacks Android Emulator.

  • We have provided you with the two links beside as you can see Andy emulator from the official website or Bluestack from its  official website . Use the given aside two links to download either of the emulators  to your system. You can select any emulators according to your states.
  • After the first step just open the emulator that you have downloaded and type the specific name of the game i.e.,Rogue: Beyond the Shadows  in this case.
  • When the name of the game appears just click on it to install it onto your computer. you need to remember that the speed of the downloading depends on the speed of your internet connection.
  • Subsequently the game starts downloading onto your system.
  • Installation starts automatically after the downloading finishes onto your computer.The steps are indeed very simple.
  • After the installation is complete start playing the game and do have a good time.