Real soccer is Associate in nursing exciting mobile game for phones! Be part of David Villa, Messi, and C. Ronaldo et al, to get pleasure from the simplest simulation on mobile. With improved graphics and animations, cleaner menus and lots of games modes and Bluetooth multiplayer, you will get pleasure from everything that creates football game therefore nice.

Imagine getting into a true-to-life soccer atmosphere that options additional livelier becoming real stadiums and new customizable goal celebrations. you’ll be able to even make a choice from European national groups to African and Asia groups and lead your squad to glory, from the qualifying spherical to the ultimate.


Your duty is to improve the performance of your players so that they can reach at the top of the league easily. You can check the names of all the top players in the history of Football in Real Football 2013. The game updates from time to time which will let you know about the transfer of players from one team to another.

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You have to become the fantasy manager of your team and train all your players so that they can play in the field and deliver the best performance. You can now play Real Football 2013 on your PC using Bluestacks. Read the guide below to play Real Football 2013 on your PC using Bluestacks.


The controls first of all ought to be slightly additional responsive, however most of all, there has to be a fanatical button that permits you to switch between players. the automated switch to the player nearest the all merely isn’t adequate and leads to you having to require a finger off the controls to faucet a player, creating for a few frustrating play. Manual choice doesn’t fare well either, leading to your players being swapped before you’re ready to intervene. A fanatical player switch would eliminate these problems and provides you additional management over the action

When you launch Real soccer for the primary time, you’ll value more highly to take charge of a club from variety of leagues across the planet. professional Evolution association football fans can little question be glad to ascertain the come of groups like ‘Man Red’, as Gameloft hasn’t non heritable the rights to the names of most of the groups accessible. This definitely sets the tone for the remainder of the sport that has an especially casual feel concerning it.

There’s only single game mode on the market to you in Real soccer, within which you’re taking management of a club and guide them through a season, in an exceedingly similar fashion to career mode on FIFA. Sadly, you cannot simply dive into a friendly game to require on the CPU or your friends. Perpetually one for a challenge, you’ll be able to choose groups from the primary II tiers of English soccer.


In a similar fashion to the previous LMA Manager games on PlayStation, Real soccer goes on the far side matches, permitting you to regulate each facet of the club that you simply select once you launch the sport. You’ll be able to upgrade everything from your structure to the club spa, however as Real soccer may be a free game, this all prices cash-real money.

The freemium model could also be well-liked on robot, to produce a gradual stream of financial gain once a game has been downloaded, and to combat piracy, however sadly, it makes Real soccer plenty less pleasant than it might be.

If you take the entire club management issue seriously, you’ll be wanted to create positive that you simply have adequate coaching facilities, a decent hospital, and a lovely spa. Yes, a spa will really facilitate your players avoid injury

Almost all Smartphones having Android operating system and Windows excluding Symbian operating system support this soccer Game.


Android Emulator for pc

Refer to this link for installing Bluestacks on Windows and Mac.

Refer to this link for installing Bluestacks in offline mode.

Now that you are done and installed Bluestacks, you can get into downloading Shark Dash on PC. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Look for Search option in Bluestacks.
  • Type name of the game that is “Real Football 2013” in the search field.
  • Once you are done click on the Install button to start installing “Real Football 2013”.
  • The game will start downloading.
  • After this download completes, you are now ready to play with the ball on your PC.

In case you are having problem with Bluestacks there is other Android Emulator that you can use for running Android apps and games on PC. Andy Android Emulator is the other Android emulator which you can use instead of Bluestacks.

For Andy emulator click here Download Andy.This is adaptable to all Windows -7/8/XP, and Mac as well as Android.

Though both are similar but Andy has a upper edge advantage over Bluestacks and that is Andy has unlimited ARM support where Bluestacks has a limitation.


When you do not have the ball, the buttons can re-assign themselves to permit you to press and tackle your opponents. Once you are making an attempt to win the ball back, management of individual players appears to shift willy-nilly to the player nearest to the ball. This is smart; however it additionally takes lots of military science management off from you. What if you wish to mark a player within the box before a cross comes in? you’ll strive furiously sound on the player United Nations agency you wish to manage, however it would take a couple of tries before you are triple-crown, and it solely takes a second for the opposition to attain a goal.


Playing match of Real soccer 2013 is pleasing expertise, and its one thing that will never doable on mobile devices a number of years back, thus a number of bugs and limits owing to the low verbal description hardware is intelligible. That being aforesaid, a hope IS going to be there that Gameloft will find a more robust methodology of player shift for Real soccer 2014 as a result of without delay it becomes a awfully irritating facet of the sport.