Play Clash of Clans On PC Using Andy Android Emulator

It is no wonder that people are trying to get their favorite arcade game Clash of Clans on PC so that they can enjoy the game on a bigger screen. In order to do that they have to take the help of Android Emulator because we all know by now that without it we cannot download the free games and apps available in the Google Play Store on our computer. So in came Andy the Android emulator which will be helping us to download and Play Clash of Clans on Computer.

Andy – Much More Powerful Than Other Emulator

 Simpler Android Emulator ANDYIt is not only stuffed with features, but actually it performs better too. It comes free of cost but you can easily compare it with paid emulators and then also you will see that it has far more features than the paid emulator. Andy comes with several features like:

  • You can start using your mobile device as a joystick while playing some of the game which is played best with joysticks and this is only possible if you are using an Andy Android emulator
  • Andy is equally efficient in downloading the messenger apps apart from the games and it is said that the performance is almost similar to that of Android device only
  • Easy streaming was made possible by Andy between Mobile and PC
  • It comes with enough storage capacity so while downloading any apps or games you need not be concerned about the space anymore, instead you can just enjoy whatever you are downloading
  • Last but the most interesting one is that it comes free of cost so you can download it any time you want and start using the emulator for downloading anything you want from Google Play store
  • You don’t need to be connected to any wireless network connection or through any wire to get the streaming done uninterruptedly so forget those wires and wireless networks

This is not the end of list for Android emulator Andy as it has many more features in store for the users like it comes with microphone integration, camera integration, hardware console and it also provides easy accessing power to local file systems.

If you are still wondering whether they have any hidden costs or not, then you can be rest assured about that as it comes totally free of cost and you can quickly download and install the emulator and then use it to download android games on your PC promptly without paying anything.

Downloading Andy – The Simplest Android Emulator

 tutorial on how to install and play clash of clans on pc using andy android emulatorNow when we all know how Andy can be beneficial for the users in so many ways, then how come we resist ourselves from downloading it and start using it right away to get our favorite games on PC. In order to get the android emulator up and running on your desktop, you have to follow some simple steps that are mentioned below:


  1. First, you have to visit the Official Website of Andy  where you will see a green box with Download written on it
  2. Click on the button and it will start downloading.
  3. In order to complete the installation process successfully, you will have to follow the instructions that appear on screen.
  4. It will finish the installation process automatically and you will get the Android emulator right on your desktop ready to be used.

Download and Play Clash of Clans On PC through Andy

Now when you have Andy all set on your desktop, then it is time to use the emulator to get your favorite Android game downloaded and installed on your PC for better gaming experience.

  1. Open the Andy Android Emulator that you have downloaded right from your desktop.
  2. Now look for the search box in there and once you find it you have to type in the name of the game Clash of Clans in the search box.
  3. It will come up with results, select the name of the game and click on the install button.
  4. The game will start downloading and once the process of downloading is complete the installation process to get started.
  5. You will have the game ready on your desktop once the installation process is completed.

So with Andy, your experience of playing the game on the PC will be much better than playing on the Android device itself. Andy makes sure that it provides its users with the best gaming experience with not much effect on the graphics and other specifications of the game instead it feels better to play the game on a big screen.

Tips and Tricks of Clash of Clans

Tips and tricks of Clash of Clans

When you are playing your favorite game, it is better that you know some of the tricks so that you can enjoy your game even better and be the most powerful of all in there. Here are some of the tricks that you can use while playing the game:

  • You must save your gems for bigger purposes and don’t waste them in haste.
  • Decide first what you need to do, whether to go for the attacks or be defensive because depending on that you have to change your game plan accordingly. If you are in a defensive mode, then you will have to build cannons, walls and towers but if you are in an aggressive mode, then you can get some mines and build an army in order to save you from the enemy.
  • Make use of the shield hour in improving the economy, building army and upgrading towers so that you become almost invincible later in the stage when the shield is taken off
  • You must pick up your targets so that it is easy to make a plan to attack on the enemy. Sometimes if you use your resources correctly then you will be able to win over your enemy using the minimum possible resources

So now you can play better with the help of these tips and tricks and get higher scores than your friends.