Play Football on your Android smartphones and tablets by playing NFL Pro 2013. Experience the best football simulation in NFL Pro 2013. You can choose your favorite players and teams by choosing from 32 different franchises. The graphics of this game are improved a lot and the game play is also improved in the last update of the game.

If you’ve compete any of Madden’s games before, you’ll quickly notice the similarities between the console games and NFL professional. You’ll be ready to select totally different formations for your team before the beginning of every play, which might then be adjusted to your feeling among thirty seconds before play. It’s simple to settle on any formation, and there square measure even choices to auto-pick formations for you, however there square measure many doable methods and formations to settle on from manually, permitting those with a little additional data on managing soccer games to play at their best potential.

NFL PRO 2013

You will get completely into the game as the camera view of this game is first person camera. You have to take care of your team so you can manage them properly. Hire them, get them trained by professionals and also upgrade the stadium so that you can earn some extra bucks. You can also practice with the players of your team as this will improve their performance on the field and the chances of winning of your team will be maximum.

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Use the Playbook editor in NFL Pro 2013 to edit the plays yourself. This game runs on motion capture technology and the gameplay will be more great and realistic with it.

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When your team has management of the ball, it’s a whole totally different story. There square measure many run and throw formations to settle on and it’s very easy for brand new players to search out formations best applicable for his or her scenario.  If you throw the ball, you’ll be taken into a primary person read and can then be ready to faucet numbers on the screen comparable to totally different team members on the team. It’s a noteworthy plan, however it’s usually arduous to ascertain your different team members past all the others ahead of your vision there isn’t any thanks to modification your viewing angle, creating it simple to be caught off guard by the opposing team.

Aside from the commentators that usually monotonously repeat a similar phrases when every play, the sounds in NFL professional square measure very immersive. All the sounds with reference to player movement and different background noises you’d expect in an exceedingly} structure square measure very realistic and life-like. The title screen music is additionally terribly catchy and is one among those tiny changes that boost the game play expertise.


An Android emulator is software which allows you to use various apps as well as games that are part of the Android market. Bluestacks is one such Android emulator which can be easily installed on your PC. It can be installed in both online as well as offline modes.


Refer to this link for installing Bluestacks on Windows and Mac.

Refer to this link for installing Bluestacks in offline mode.

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Now that you are done with installing Bluestacks, you can start downloading NFL Pro 2013 on PC. Follow these easy steps:

  • Open Bluestacks/Andy and look for the search field.
  • Type “NFL Pro 2013” in the search field.
  • For installing this game, click on the “Install” button.
  • Once you click, the downloading process will start on its own.
  • After this process completes, you are ready to play NFL Pro 2013 on your PC.

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Depending on whether or not you’re defensive or offensive, you’ll have totally different formations offered to use. For those unsure concerning soccer techniques, defensive might find yourself being plenty right down to luck, as unless you manage to sack the opposing quarterback yourself, there’s very little you’ll do to assist your team while defensive.

Change the athlete choice to mechanically switch to the defender nighest to the meant receiver whereas the ball is within the air. This makes interceptions abundant easier.

Turbo (R2) could also be the foremost vital button, however check that to not abuse it or you will find your star players ingestion wind on the bench.

Its price taking the time to run the abilities beat in order to find out the way to exactly management offensive and defensive players. This conjointly provides a fast thanks to perceive what is new and the way you’ll best utilize new options.

The quality point of view feels pretty isolated from the sector. Move to Settings, Game choices and alter the point of view to Zoom for a lot of intimate feel.

Once you would like a giant play, L2 is that the exactitude modifier button. It makes the football player juke somewhat any, spin somewhat quicker, or jump somewhat higher. Of these modifications jack your repertoire of moves from eight to over thirty. However take care, as a result of this comes at the expense of speed.

You would like a Sony account associate degreed an Ea account so as to use web options. Save yourself a while and register before.

Learn to like the stiff-arm. Sound X executes a fast pop of a stiff-arm that knocks them off balance. Holding the button permits you to “wall-off” the defense that keeps them from obtaining shut enough to grab you. Players with a strength rating over ninety will all out lay a defender on his back.

Facing down two defenders? Push L2 and flick the correct thumb stick left then right and watch your player shake and shimmy his approach through the defense.

Similarly, perform a juke spin jazz band by holding L2, pushing the correct thumb continue the correct then roll it down ninety degrees. Your player can quickly move the correct then spin back to the left.


It’s a good game overall. If we cut some limitations that it has, it ranks good on the board. There are so many aspects which could be improved.

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