Powered by Autolog, Need for Speed Network is a special app which is specially developed for Need for Speed Rivals. If you are having an original copy of the Need for Speed Rivals game, then you should definitely install this app on your Android smartphones and tablets and now on your PC. You can communicate with the help of this app with different platforms which include PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC.

need for speed networkYou can access various cop and racer tutorials in this app which will help you in easy gameplay when you are playing this game on your consoles. Use the navigator mode to find out the where your friends have reached and where you are standing right now. Play with your friends using the overwatch feature which enables multiplayer gaming.

With the aspects of autolog players can share the stats of their own and know the activity of their friends on Need For Speed network. You can also know the event time and compare your skills with your friend with this application. With this application installed in your device, when you start playing NFS rivals, all the online stats will be visible to your friends on the network map. Players can also connect with their friends using this application while playing NFS rivals in various platforms, such as, PS3, PC, Xbox one, PS4 etc.

You can also use this application as a navigator, by which you can also see your friends in a world map, in which event they are playing. Players can also set up way points for their next events. Moreover, players can compare their achievements with their friend’s with the overwatch facility and also can interact with each other while plying the game with this application.


 The current version of this application which you can download from Google Playstore is 1.0.1 and it requires 4.0 or higher version of android. The size of the application is around 18 MB.


 If you have purchased NFS rival for any gaming console or platforms you should download this application now, because with this application you can always be connected with your friends and have the fun of multiplayer racing.

To access this application players have to play Need for Speed rivals online and complete the tutorial of Racer and Cop both. After that, players can easily login to this application with a origin account and they will find all the latest and important information about their achievements and event in this application. However, NEED FOR SPEED NETWORK keeps you connected all the time even you are on the go.

You can also watch your friends playing NSF rivals in real time in the world map, this is the most hottest feature of this application. Plus, you can compare your stats, overwatch your friends in redview country and lot more. Eventually this app has many thing to offer you.


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You can also help your friends if their cars are damaged by repairing it, refilling them with nitrous and lots more. It’s completely your choice if you want to become a cop or you want to become a racer. To download the application from Playstore CLICK HERE.

To use Need For Speed Network on your PC, use Bluestacks/Andy Android Emulator which is an Android emulator specially designed for running Android games and apps on your PC. Read the instruction below.


andy android emulator

Don’t have an Android device ? Don’t worry you can still use this application on PC. just read our instruction below.

• At the very first step you just have to download Blustacks or Andy Android Emulator from their official websites. To download the Bluestacks just CLICK HERE and for the other one CLICK HERE. Anyway, you just have to download any one of them.

• After doing the second step, just type NEED FOR SPEED NETWORK on the search box and that’s it the second step is done.

• NEED FOR SPEED NETWORK will automatically appear in the dashboard of the application, after that you just have to select the name of the application and click on the install button.

• After all the above step is done, just sit back and watch, the app will automatically download and install on your computer. Now enjoy NEED FOR SPEED NETWORK on your PC.


With this app NFS rival would be more perfect for the players, as they can interact, watch other players playing in other events in the world map, know about the time of any events etc. Install the application and feel the speed with more perfection.