The game is essentially a “Sim-City”-like mobile game. Players ought to construct their own Ponyville and stop Nightmare Moon. It’s sort of a fully totally different plot however with major similarities to the primary two episodes of my very little Pony: relationship is Magic. Though it’s amazingly fun to play, there’s a significant downside that will ultimately be the most reason behind its downfall.

Its time when the nightmare moon has been set free from the moon in my little pony. The special powers which are present in the twilight sparkle and her friends can only release ponyville and bring back both friendship and light back in the land. You have to help them as they are on a mission to rebuild a town. Some of the most loved ponies available in my little pony are fluttershy, rainbow dash, applejack and many more.

MY LITTLE PONYIt’s your responsibility to make ponyviille the best magical place in the town of Equestria. Enjoy with your ponies by playing mini games with them such as magic winds, apple picking and ball bouncing. Play my little pony with your friends and double the gameplay fun. You will be able to see the official TV show voice talents in the game.

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The graphics seem like they may are drawn by the first artists. In-game ponies are rendered in oversimplified 3D, planate into cartoonish second – this provides them natural, fluid motion and whereas not matching the design of the show specifically, maintains an equivalent level of brilliantly colored adorableness


To play my little pony on PC, you need to install Bluestacks/Andy. Read the guide below to install my little pony on PC using Bluestacks/Andy. Along with my little pony you can also run other android apps and games on PC using Bluestacks/Andy.


Bluestacks/Andy is an Android emulator that enables you to play and enjoy every Android app as well as game on your PC. It is very easy to install Bluestacks and once you have done this, you are ready to go.

Refer to this link for installing Bluestacks on Windows and Mac.

Refer to this link for installing Bluestacks in offline mode.

For Andy emulator click here Download Andy

Now that you are done with installing Bluestacks, you can start downloading My Little Pony on PC. Follow these easy steps:

  • Go to the “Search Field” in Bluestacks.
  • Type “My Little Pony” in the search field.
  • Click on the install button once you see this game.
  • Once this is done, the game will start downloading.
  • After this process completes, you are ready to play My Little Pony on your PC.


There is a Ponyville daily bonus that you’ll earn by work in on a daily basis. Every consecutive day you log in you may earn bits, XP stars and gems. On a daily basis your reward are bigger up till day 5 then it’ll begin yet again. If you miss daily the sequence at once starts over at all-time low reward of day one.

Be sure to log in oft throughout the day and collect from your outlets as you stop earning till you collect.

Play along with your ponies oft to earn stars and upgrade them. This can permit them to figure in outlets with higher payouts as you level up.

Purchasing decorations may be a good way to level up quick as you earn XP after you place them.

Each time you level up you may earn bits, gems, and/or harmony shards counting on your level.

Wager low within the mini games after you begin out as all of them take slightly observe to become skillful.


If you’re an enormous fan of my very little Pony, offer the sport an attempt. Simply don’t expect to complete it. Avoid this just like the plague, or disable in-app purchases and prepare to wear down unsuccessful children.

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