This game is derived from the fantasy comedy action film of constant name star Tommy Lee Jones and can Smith. Apart from the characters and weapons, the sport has little or no to try and do with its supply material. The plot involves government man James Darrel Edwards (Will Smith from the movie) being send off to a building in New York to remove a bomb and to pursue the bomber himself. Once discovering that the terrorist leader is AN alien, Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones from the movie) approaches to the confused agent and neutral him. Once a quick cut scene, James Edwards (now called Agent J) becomes a political candidate member of the key organization called Men in Black.

“Men in Black” during a shell is incredibly the same as Resident Evil with its fastened camera angles, pre-rendered backgrounds, tank-like movements, spooky atmosphere and puzzle parts. There are 3 characters to settle on from (Agent J, Agent K and Agent L) and apart from the primary level, players have the choice to play as any of the MIB agents within the alternative levels. Although the agents don’t have any variations in them in terms of strength and special talents, the conversations between them and alternative game characters are completely different anytime.MEN IN BLACK 3

The MIB Headquarters is that the main space within the game and it’s wherever you decide on that MIB agent to play as, the weapons for that individual level and a target range to check your shooting skills. Cut scenes are plentiful and that they are delineated as animated comic strips. There aren’t any fast save choices within the game however players will save anytime they need by exploitation the save choice within the menu screen. There are assortments of weapons to settle on from and for the foremost half; they’re solely helpful at sure times solely. Bullets ar restricted and it’s necessary to use them with wisdom. The MIB agents also can use their fists and kicks to perform scrimmage attacks.

The puzzle parts are principally through trial-and-error, knowing that item to use to unlock a door, finding the key passage and deactivation bombs.

Humanity is in danger as the radiant has arrived to the Earth and is going to kill all the human forces in men In Black 3. You are playing as an agent in the game and you have to destroy all the aliens in the game.

Agent O, Frank and Agent K will help you in hour of need. You have to select the best agents and give proper training to them. Assign them missions on their capability and see them winning the missions. Get some of the latest and best gadgets for fighting against your alien enemies. Neuralyzer, Noisy Cricket and the Deatomizer will help you in taking all the aliens down easily.

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You have to fight with the aliens in some of the most popular locations which include Times Square, Brooklyn and Central Park of the New York. Finish all your alien enemies by playing Men in black 3 on PC. Read the guide below to play Men in black on PC using Bluestacks/Andy android app player.


Level one – New York

FBI agent James Darrel Edwards investigates a bomb threat during a building and once deactivation it, he pursues the bomber at a upside.

From this time on, the player has the selection to manage Agent J, K or L.

Level two – Arctic

MIB headquarters has lost contact with the MIB division settled at the arctic and that they send you to research the matter.

Level three – Underground

The underground stage may be a continuation of the Arctic stage. You uncover a secret alien science laboratory and you need to realize some way to destroy it.


Level four – Amazon

There’s been a report of unconventional occurrences at the Amazon wherever mine staff claim of being attacked by non-humanoid beings. Many staff has lost their mental health attributable to the shock. Realize AN squealer to be told additional.

Level five – Mines

A follow up to the Amazon stage, the MIB discovers that AN alien bug is that the supply of the catastrophe. Silence it!

Level six – Frales Island

At the last stage, you’re causing to a far off island to rescue your fellow MIB agent and eliminate the mogul named Skip Frales.


Any Android game and app can be played on PC with the help of Bluestacks/Andy Android emulator. It provides an interface between Android OS as well as your PC.

Refer to this link for installing Bluestacks on Windows and Mac.

Refer to this link for installing Bluestacks in offline mode.

For  Installing through Andy click here-  Andy

Now that you are done with installing Bluestacks/Andy, you can start downloading Men In Black 3 on PC. Follow these easy steps:

  • Go to the “Search Field” in Bluestacks.
  • Type “Men In Black 3” in the search field.
  • Click on the install button once you see this game.
  • Once this is done, the game will start downloading.
  • After this process completes, you are ready to play Men In Black 3 on your PC.


  • Glowing spots on the surroundings are mini-missions you’ll be able to perform to induce further XP.
  • Always heal up once a fight – you ne’er apprehend once the sport goes to throw consequent one at you.
  • A nicely adorned headquarters will increase the yield you will get from your retailers, therefore stick some flowers in there to spruce up the place.

Since you begin the sport off with thirty Temporal Pulses (or t-pulses), there are variety of belongings you will pay them on so as to hurry up the sport. Your initial allocation ought to be to pay ten of them on AN Interrogation area. Owning one in every of these can permit you to possess an additional two agents, that means that up till level seven you’ll be able to have 3 rather than one, and on the far side level seven you’ll be able to have four rather than 2.

Next, visit the retailers and purchase an air lock for ten T-pulses. AN air lock can earn you one hundred twenty credits each hour that means that you just can have a way more durable time running out of credits.

The final ten is spent on no matter you wish, like another air lock, or concentrated and combined with any T-pulses that you just earn from gaining levels or finishing missions. Do no matter you please with them.

Once you build AN air lock (or extremely, any building that pays an honest quantity of cash, however particularly the airlock) move it to wherever it’s not next to the other buildings, and so surround it fully with Men In Black emblems from the ornament menu. Each that’s next to a money-earning building can cause that building to create five % extra money anytime you collect from it, therefore ten of them round the building can increase the hourly financial gain from one hundred twenty to a hundred and eighty.

Once you build something that prices t-pulse to shop for, you’ll be able to sell it to induce 1/2 your t-pulse right back. As an example, if you purchase the Dark facet restaurant for thirty t-pulses, then sell it, you’ll come back to fifteen t-pulses.

When fighting multiple enemies, if you’re not exploitation the PAPPY gun or another space gun that hits multiples at constant time, think about shooting one enemy at a time, and moving on to a different enemy only you kill the primary one, so you are taking as few hits (and therefore lose as few hit points) as attainable.


There are so much things that could be improved. Though it would be able to thrust your adrenaline through your vein in some stages. But surely there is a big lag between the actual movie and the game.

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