Conquer the most ruthless conquerors in Medieval Wars:Strategy & Tactics. This game is about the medieval time where there are conflicts and bloody wars going on. In this game you have to lead the armies of three different nations which are France, England and the Crusades. With these armies you have to win the biggest and greatest battles of all time of the European Medieval history.

Medieval Wars StrategyTactics

You can take help of the scenario maps to take part in the feuds which are going on in the Russian empire. You also have to stop the Saracens under the guidance of Charles the great and once you have stopped them you have to lead the hussities. There are 3 unbelievable historical campaigns which are present in the game and a total of 16 missions are there in this game.

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There are different types of Skirmish maps present in this game. Along with these maps you will find 17 different types to play in. Enjoy the hot seat in the multi-player mode. If you want to play this game on your PC, you need to install a software named Bluestacks which works as an Android emulator.


andy android emulator

We have received many mails in the past where many users complained that they were not able to run some apps on their PC using Bluestacks. So, if you are also having some issues in running your apps via Bluestacks, you can try a brand new Android emulator, by the name of Andy Android emulator. This emulator is free of cost and brings full android user interface on your Operating system.


Some of the features of Andy android emulator have been mentioned below.


  • It is available for Windows and Mac powered operating systems.
  • It allows you to transform your phone into a game controller.
  • You will get notifications of your Facebook, Twitter accounts on your Desktop.
  • You can launch all the apps which you have installed directly from the desktop.


Android Emulator for pc

Follow below tutorial to Install and play this game on PC or Mac using Andy/Bluestacks Android Emulator.

  • We have provided you with the two links beside as you can see Andy emulator from the official website or Bluestack from its  official website . Use the given aside two links to download either of the emulators  to your system. You can select any emulators according to your states.
  • After the first step just open the emulator that you have downloaded and type the specific name of the game i.e.,MEDIEVAL WARS:STRATERGY & TACTICS  in this case.
  • When the name of the game i.e., MEDIEVAL WARS:STRATERGY & TACTICS appears just click on it to install it onto your computer. you need to remember that the speed of the downloading depends on the speed of your internet connection. So please hold on if at all it takes some time.
  • Subsequently the game starts downloading onto your system.
  • Installation starts automatically after the downloading finishes onto your computer.The steps are indeed very simple as you can see.
  • After the installation is complete start playing the game and do have a good time.


One of the most widely loved genre is turn- based-strategy genre and sadly it is this particular genre in which many people fare badly. Not that the genre is bad but it requires more skills which also makes the genre very interesting. People often try this game really hard, pretend that they are expert but all in vain, adding to the surprise is that no matter what people still love the game.

Medieval Wars: Strategy and Tactics is one of those turn-based-strategy game which provides you with complete excitements. For many it may be their first hand experience with Hercraft’s Strategy and Tactics titles. The gameplay and the depths of this game are indeed really wonderful. Especially on your PC you will have a complete new experience something that you have never seen or felt before.

Graphically it may not be one of the most attractive but it’s still very moderate and decent. All you need to do is, even at the beginning you fail badly at this game you just need to try harder .The gameplay would also prove to be very fun for you.