Enter the quests in the medieval world in lord of the dragons. Kill all the evil dragons, battle with your enemies and make strong relationship with your friends in lord of the dragons and hence become lord of the dragons. There are a lot of dragons which you can kill. These bloodthirsty beasts are very dangerous and killing them is one of the most difficult tasks.

LORD OF THE DRAGONS Kill all your enemies and once you have killed them all you can rob their treasures. There are a lot of guild battles present in which you can participate. Participate in these guild battles and you can win valuable rewards in return. If you have lost something in the distant lands you can utilize the fairies so that they can bring the lost items from the distant lands.

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There is much more in this game other than the features mentioned below. This game is already available for Android and iOS mobile operating systems and has already made to the number 1 position. To play this game on your PC, you can use Bluestacks for playing this game on PC. Read the guide below to install Bluestacks on your PC.


Bluestacks is an Android app player using which you can play and use all games and apps that are part of the Android Play Store. It can be successfully downloaded in both online and offline modes.

Refer to this link for installing Bluestacks on Windows and Mac.

Refer to this link for installing Bluestacks in offline mode.



Now that you are done with installing Bluestacks, you can start downloading Lord of the dragons on PC. Follow these easy steps:

  •  In Bluestacks, go to the search field.
  • Type “Lord of the dragons” in this field.
  • Now click on the Install button to start installing this game.
  • Once this is done, the game will start downloading.
  • After this process completes, you are now ready to play Lord of the dragons on your PC.


Here we are going to share some gameplay tips of Lord of the Dragons. Read them and use them in the game if you are having any problem in playing this game.

  • Before playing this game make sure that you are having an active internet connection on your Android smartphones/ tablets and your PC.
  • In the very first play of this game you will come across Rubie who will give you a brief introduction about the game.
  • Select a unique username and add it to your Lord of the Dragons profile.

How to play this game?

Here are some points which will help you to play this game.

  • In the main menu of this game you will see a quest option, tap on the quest button and you will see the quests which are available for playing. If you have left any quest in between you can tap on Go Forth and continue that quest.
  • Once the quests have been started, you have to keep on tapping the screen so that you are not out of power. If your quest is complete you can stop tapping the screen.
  • You will see that there is a green bar on the bottom of your screen. This green bar will tell you the progress that has been made in each quest.
  • Upon coming to the end of the quest, you will be asked to fight with the boss. Tap on the screen when you are asked about the battle with the boss and you will be move to the next stage where you fight with the boss of the quest.
  • There is no difference in quest and the boss battles. You just have to continue tapping on the screen till the end, till the time you win the battle. The only difference here is that here health bars will be present instead of the progress meter. Try to kill the boss before he kills you or you dry out of power.
  • Once you have defeated the boss of that quest, you will get a special item.

These were some of the gameplay tips of lord of the dragons. If you are having more tips share with us in the comments section.