Become the mayor of city and build your city in little big city. You can design your own city which you always dreamt off in little big city.

Little huge town combines the resource management components of games like Farm Ville with the real-life simulating components of games just like the Sims and Sim City. In essence, you begin with a little, run-down town and slowly build it from the bottom up. You’ll be able to produce businesses, homes, and different buildings to grab additional resources that may later change into even higher businesses, homes, and different buildings.

It feels like it would be repetitive and annoying, however very little huge town will all of the limited things properly. Its fantastic graphics and its menus and layout square measure imposingly straightforward to browse. The game’s tutorial is simply the correct length and offers you adequate data whereas not overstaying its welcome. Sadly, the game’s notifications square measure thus frequent that they could scare some folks away. That is fairly common in social diversion, though, and it’s simply excusable for a game as habit-forming as this.

LITTLE BIG CITYPut your imagination into design by constructing buildings in the city and decorating it with functional buildings. There are people who are waiting to become your neighbors who will help in growing your city. If you are bored or so much worried of becoming a mayor you can entertain yourself by playing mini games in little bog city where you can take part in various missions and challenges and earn rewards in return.

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Little Big City is available on Google Play for Android smartphones and tablets and now you can play little big city on PC using Bluestacks/Andy. Read the guide written below to play Little Big City on PC using Bluestacks/Andy.



Bluestacks/Andy is an app player which supports all the games as well as applications that are part of the Android Play Store. You can easily use these apps and games on your PC with the help of this app player. It is safer to install Bluestacks/Andy in the offline mode because it won’t get interrupted even when the internet connection is lost.

Refer to this link for installing Bluestacks on Windows and Mac.

Refer to this link for installing Bluestacks in offline mode.

For install Andy emulator click here Download Andy.

Now that you are done with installing Bluestacks, you can start downloading Little Big City on PC. Follow these easy steps:

  • Open Bluestacks/Andy and go to the search field.
  • Type “Little Big City” in this field.
  • Click on the “Install” button to start the installation process.
  • The game will automatically start downloading on your PC.
  • After this process completes, you are ready to play Little Big City on your PC.


  • You’ll have to grow food for your town dwellers, and also the game initio suggests you grow and harvest blueberries. As presently as you’ve got the choice (which is incredibly early within the game), grow grapes instead. They’re a far additional economical crop.
  • Give some thought to wherever you place structures. As an example, it is smart to own your farmland clustered along, and do uses caution to not block your read of tiny buildings by inserting larger ones before of them.
  • Building ought to be strictly separated from the fields. It’s best to plant the fields during a heap or in a vicinity of town solely. Additionally, you ought to avoid the massive building covering the Klein. we have a tendency to had already many times within the game; these were the little building not clickable, as a result of an outsized building stood before it.


Little huge town offers many vogue and permits you to blaze your own path tolerably that it’ll impress as regards to each social gamer you’ll be able to consider. If you’ve got vie any of the games that match there under umbrella, you may fancy this one, too.

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