The barbarian Forces are taking over the village in Kingdoms and Lords and are disturbing the normal lives of the people staying there. A war is soon coming in your region and it’s your responsibility to take care of that war by forming the best and perfect military and building the perfect village for your people. Kingdoms & Lords is a complete strategy game where you have to raise your own army and attack the neighbors using that army.

You have to do different activities to gather money. You can expand your lands, cultivate crops and also raise animals as they will help you to get money. Compete with the armies of your friends by sending your army to fight against theirs and find whose army is the best. You can also forge alliances in this game and also rescue their units and send them some special gifts.

kingdoms and lords

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Make your building much stronger by upgrading them and add new buildings by unlocking new ones. Kingdoms & Lords can be played now on PC using Bluestacks. Read the guide below to play Kingdoms and Lords on PC using Bluestacks/Andy.


It sounds a little offbeat; however it might truly bring the simplest of each world along. There’s additionally a decent probability you would possibly get enough gameplay to travel around for quite a trifle whereas, that is often a decent issue. Finally, the twin side of the sport can make sure you won’t end up changing into bored, as you’ll perpetually switch from one activity to the opposite.



Bluestacks/Andy is an Android application player utilizing which you can play and utilize all diversions and applications that are a piece of the Android Play Store. It could be effectively downloaded in both online and disconnected from the net modes.

Refer to this link for installing Bluestacks on Windows and Mac.

Refer to this link for installing Bluestacks in offline mode.

For “Andy” emulator click here Download Andy.

Right away that you are finished with introducing Bluestacks/Andy, you can begin downloading Kingdoms & Lords on PC. Take after these simple steps:

  • In Bluestacks/Andy, go to the pursuit field.
  • Sort “Kingdoms & Lords” in this field.
  • Right away click on the Install catch to begin introducing this diversion.
  • When this is carried out, the game will begin downloading.
  • After this procedure finishes, you are currently prepared to play Kingdoms & Lords on your PC.


When in battle the player chooses up to five units from a spread that features swordsmen, spearmen, axemen, archers, catapults, cannons, and cavalry. The opponents army is shown before the battle truly starts, that the player must opt for the mixture of troops that provides him the most effective likelihood at winning. The turn-based battle then starts. The acquainted rock/paper/scissors system is used here. as an example, axemen area unit sturdy against archers, however weak against cavalry. Archers on the opposite hand will decimate cavalry units. therefore selecting the correct units is crucial to winning,


Kingdoms & Lords specializes in its payment model instead of gameplay is additionally apparent once you examine its technical performance. This can be a comparatively ugly, basic-looking isometric game, sort of a mid-’90s computer title. However it stuttered and stalled repeatedly on my third-generation iPad.

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