Kik Messenger is one of the best Android messaging app which can do a lot than just messaging. Bring your conversations to life by knowing when your message has been delivered, when the person has read your message and when the next person is typing the message. With the latest update kicked in Kik, Kik comes with a web browser where you can add any URL.So now you can access the internet without even closing the app and chat with your friends.

kik messenger

The browser is mobile ready and in the browser you can play games with your friends and share content between each other easily. Just tap the share button if you are want to share something with your buddies.You will get your own unique username in Kik which will be used for connecting with other people. Kik Messenger is not only available for Android Operating system but is available for multiple platforms which include Windows Mobile, Nokia, Apple, Blackberry any Windows.


Android Emulator for pc

Follow the steps mentioned below if you want to install Kik Messenger on your PC using Bluestacks or Andy Android Emulator.


  • First of all you need to download both the softwares from their official websites. Download Andy Android emulator by visiting this link and if you want to download Bluestacks click on this link.
  • Once you have downloaded the software, open the file which you downloaded and install it by following the on screen instructions.
  • After installation of the software has been done, open the emulator and type “Kik Messenger” in the Search Box.
  • Upon pressing Enter you will come across many results displayed in front of you.
  • Select Kik Messenger and install it.
  • Once installation has been completed you are ready to use this app on your PC.


Here are some tips for using Kik Messenger which will help you in easily using the software on your PC.

  • Once you have installed Kik on your PC, the next step which you want to do is find your friends and contacts which are on Kik whom you can message. Finding your contacts is easy and you can easily find all your contacts in Kik. Take help of the Address Book Matching feature for finding your friends of you can simply ask your friends to give their usernames and add them later.
  • You might see different letters on your Kik Messages. What these messages actually mean is, S means that the message which you send has been reached the server of Kik. D means the message has been delivered to your friend. R means that the message which was sent by you has been opened and read by your friend.

The size of this app is 12 MB and it is available for different operating systems which we have mentioned below.


 Once you have read this post you can easily install this app on your PC using Andy Android emulator and Bluestacks App Player. Also read the tips and tricks of this app for easy use of this app. If you are having any issues in installing this app on your PC, feel free to contact us.