Play JUNGLE HEAT On Windows and Mac

Experience both wildlife and action in the form of battles in Jungle Heat. Jungle Heat is a game which is based on a prime location in a jungle which is filled with oil and gold. The entire jungle is controlled by a cruel General Blood. You are a saver and you have to take natural riches which are available with the blood thirsty marauders and keep them with yourself.

jungle heatYou can create your very own military base in Jungle Heat. Along with building of bases you can fight with other players and once you have won the battles all the gold belonging to them will be yours. You can also upgrade your military base and buildings with the help of upgrades. You will find the battles both simple and thrilling.

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If you have been attacked by someone you can know who the person is and take back the revenge by hitting on his camp. All your scores will be stored in leaderboards from where you can check where you actually stand. There is a way using which you can play Jungle Heat on PC. Read the guide below for finding out how you can install Bluestacks which will help you to install this game on your PC.

Play Jungle Heat Using Andy Android Emulator

andy android emulator

If you are looking for an easier method of playing this game on your PC, you can use another software by the name of Andy Android emulator which will help you to run all Android apps and games on your PC. This software comes with a lot of new and advanced features which you wont be able to find in other Android emulator. Some of the best features of this software have been highlighted below.



  • This software comes with both camera and microphone integration.
  • It has full ARM support in it.
  • All the sensors are integrated inside this software which will allow you to get the real android experience on your PC.
  • It delivers push notifications directly on your PC.


Follow the steps below to install andy android emulator on your PC.

  1. Download the software from the official website.
  2. After you have finished downloading, install the software.
  3. After the installation of the software has been finished, install the game from Google Play store.
  4. Enjoy playing your favorite games on PC using Andy Android Emulator.

How to download Bluestacks on Windows and Mac

Bluestacks is an Android Emulator which enables you to use all the Android games as well as apps on your PC. All you need to do is install Bluestacks either in the online mode or in the offline mode.

Refer to this link for installing Bluestacks on Windows and Mac.

Refer to this link for installing Bluestacks in offline mode.

Steps to install Jungle Heat on Computer using Bluestacks

Now that you are done with installing Bluestacks, you can start downloading Jungle Heat on PC. Follow these easy steps:

  • Go to the search field in Bluestacks.
  • Type “Jungle Heat” in this field.
  • Click on the install button once you see this game.
  • The game will start downloading on its own.
  • The installation starts automatically once the downloading finishes.
  • Now that the installation is complete, you can start playing Jungle Heat on your PC.