Experience online MMO strategy in Galaxy Empire. The space is in action as different species of humans are battling to conquer on different planets in search of resources. You are the leader of your territory and it’s your responsibility to take care of it, upgrade it and along with it allocate the production of mines. Galaxy Empire is complete mobile science fiction game which you will surely enjoy on your Android smartphones.

GALAXY LEGACYConstruct new buildings on your planet and plant mines so that you can collect resources for the people who are living under your territory on your planet. Take help of the ships for collecting some of the natural resources and harvest these resources thus conquer new lands. Hire leaders and commanders so that they can lead your forces into the world and beyond that. You can play this game online with other players and create alliances with other players and easily kill all your enemies together. If you want some gameplay tips you can take help of the galaxy empire community.


Establishment and Management of Multiple Colonies. You are in the centre of a Galaxy and are looking for a place to live, where you and all the people can live. So you as a leader should build different colonies where all your people can live and lead their lives easily. There are a lot of planets which are present in this game and you can take cover on any of the planets as per your needs. You can expand your planet by constructing new buildings or you can also plant new plantations so that there is little bit greenery also present in your planet. If you want to gather natural resources you can take help of the mines to extract the resources down from the other planets.

There is not only single galaxy present in this game. There are many different galaxies present in this game and you can choose one as per your requirements. There are special ships which are designed which you can use not only for travelling but also for looking out for other galaxies out there in the universe. With the help of these ships you can also harvest resources and with the help of those resources you can conquer different lands.

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You can give the commands yourself or you can also hire officers for that purpose. You can hire many different commanders and officers which will help in the management of the people of your planet and will also help in leading of your forces. You are not the only one who is looking for a place to live. There are many other people out there who are also looking for a place where they can live and they are your enemies. So the officer or commander whom you will hire will also help in destroying all your enemies one by one.


You can play Galaxy Empire with your friends also using the online multiplayer mode. Even if you are not having any friend online with whom you can play, you can play with other online players at that time. There are many allinaces present in this game and you can become a part of any of the allinaces and conquer new planets, different systems and get necessary resources.



Follow the steps mentioned below if you want to install Galaxy Empire on your PC using Bluestacks or Andy Android Emulator.

  • First of all you need to download both the softwares from their official websites. Download Andy Android emulator by visiting this link and if you want to download Bluestacks click on this link.
  • Once you have downloaded the software, open the file which you downloaded and install it by following the on screen instructions.
  • After installation of the software has been done, open the emulator and type “Galaxy Empire” in the Search Box.
  • Upon pressing Enter you will come across many results displayed in front of you.
  • Select Galaxy Empire and install it.
  • Once installation has been completed you are ready to use this game on your PC.


 Some of the best tips and tricks of Galaxy Empire are mentioned below.

  • If you are thinking to start building your fleet make sure that you have planned everything before. If you have planned properly for each and everything you can save yourself with a lot of time and resources to use for.
  • It is preferred that one should not colonize many planets in a single system. If you do this kind of activity there is a big probability that you will get attacked by many different fleets and your fleet will also get destroyed. All the fleets which are near you will attack you and will destroy everything which belonged to you.
  • Dont keep your fleet still. Make sure that you have sent your fleet to enter into the battlefields from time to time because if you are doing this activity your fleet wont get attacked by other fleets which are present around. If you apply this practice what can happen is that your fleet might get completely destroyed in one night and your resources might also get looted.


 The overall conclusion of this post comes out to be that if you want to play Galaxy Empire on your PC, you can take help of Andy or Bluestacks as these both are Android emulators and will help you in playing Galaxy Empire on PC. Install the game using the steps mentioned above and also dont forget to have a look at the tips and tricks which we shared as they will really help in easy gameplay.