Play Frozen Free Fall on PC

Experience the magical journey in the Kingdom of Arendelle by playing Frozen Free Fall. The game is inspired by the upcoming Disney movie “Frozen”. In the game you will see some of your favorite characters which include Elsa, Anna and many more. Taking help of these characters you need to solve the icy puzzles.

Frozen Free Fall for PCThere are a total of 90 puzzles present in this game. If you are seeing three matching crystals nearby, slide them across each other and see the magic after that. In the beginning of the game you will get Anna and Elsa only but as you keep on moving further in the game you will come across the grown up versions of both Elsa and Anna and later on you can unlock many characters like Pabbie and Hans.

All the characters in the game come with powerups. Anna has a powerful torch which will break all the crystals which come in her way whereas Elsa has powerful glacier power which will help in disappearing of all the crystals which are in same color. If you want to play this game in your PC, you need to install Bluestacks. Read the guide below to install Bluestacks on your PC and Mac.

How to Install Bluestacks

If you are not having an active internet connection then you should try the standalone version of Bluestacks. Check this link to refer to guide of installing Bluestacks in offline mode Bluestacks Offline Installer and if you want to install Bluestacks on normal mode refer to this guide Bluestacks installer for Windows and Mac

How to Install Frozen Free Fall on PC

You can now easily download and install Frozen Free Fall on your PC using Bluestacks. Follow the steps below and you will be able to install Frozen Free Fall on your PC


  • Open Bluestacks and go to the Search field.
  • Type “Frozen Free Fall” in this field.
  • Once you see the game, click on the install button.
  • After you click on the install button, the game will start downloading.
  • The installation starts automatically once the downloading finishes.
  • Once the installation is done, you are ready to go.

Frozen Free Fall Tips and Tricks

We have been playing this game for quite a long time now and we thought of sharing some essential tips and cheats with our readers which will help them in easy gameplay. Below are some of the Frozen Free Fall Tips and Tricks which we found to be essential in Frozen Free Fall.

  • You can easily create the ice bergs when a match-up is created by you in L or T shape. Once the ice berg has been matched it will automatically break all the crystals which are present around it.
  • Always try to match 5 crystals of the same color. If you manage to achieve this pattern you will get a mighty glacier which will help you to destroy all the tiles which are present in the same color.
  • As you know there is no time limit in this game, so we suggest you to play by taking the least number of moves. This will help you reach the highest score in a good way.
  • If you think that you have left some of the tiles unused you need not to worry as in the end of the game, the game will go into free fall more where all the tiles will go into use and you will get score for them too
  • If you see an explosive crystal and if you see two of them try to bring them as close to each other. Bringing them close to each other will help in making a much powerful explosion and will help you to get maximum scores.
  • While you are in the game you will be given two ice picks to play with. One of these ice picks are needed to be used in the tutorial version of the game, the other one can be used later on when the game goes into the tough mode. Similarly you will get snowballs while you are playing the game, the same thing applies to it.