Live in the alternate world Freesky in Freesky world, a place where all the people live on clouds. The place with no night and sun shining all day and night. The place is great but are two things which are disrupting the peace over Freesky which is war and turmoil. You aim in this game is to clear the entire sky and bring peace to the sky.

FREESKY LEGACYThe graphics of the game have been improved and hi-definition graphics now come in Freesky legacy. Freesky legacy is one of the best stratergy games which is ever developed for Android smartphones and tablets. Take part in battles in some of the best environments which you would have ever seen in your life. You can do a lot of customization in this game. Upgrade your ships, captain, fleets and other things so that you can reach the higher levels in the game quickly. If you love competition you can compete with other players one on one of take part in online PvP.


Freesky Legacy comes with the best and advanced graphics which will take your breath away. The graphics of the game are high definition graphics and you will get High Definition graphics in this game. The game comes with a unique story which you wont have seen ever before. The steme-punk themed world will set you to a journey which is filled with action and adventure.

Freesky Legacy is a real time action strategy game in which you need to plot out different stratergies and plans for winning. There are different battlefields present in this game and you can enjoy the different environments from day to day. Freesky Legacy comes with online multiplayer support which gives you the option to play this game online with your friends. Moreover you can play this game on any device if you have linked the game with your Google Account.

There are different captains present in this game and all the captains have unique and different stories. These captains will help you in your journey while you are riding along them. All the captains have different stories and abilities which will help you in becoming successful and becoming victorious.

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Freesky Legacy comes with the customization options and allows you to do a lot of customization. You can customize your fleets, ships and a lot of things in Freesky Legacy. If you want to upgrade your captains by alloting them special powers, it is possible using the customization feature.

There are different gaming modes present in Freesky Legacy which will bring you the ultimate fun. You can use the one on one player mode if you want to play against one player other than that you can use the guild PvP option for playing too. Freesky Legacy is ultimate fun.



Follow the steps mentioned below if you want to install Freesky Legacy on your PC using Bluestacks or Andy Android Emulator.

  • First of all you need to download both the softwares from their official websites. Download Andy Android emulator by visiting this link and if you want to download Bluestacks click on this link.
  • Once you have downloaded the software, open the file which you downloaded and install it by following the on screen instructions.
  • After installation of the software has been done, open the emulator and type “Freesky Legacy” in the Search Box.
  • Upon pressing Enter you will come across many results displayed in front of you.
  • Select Freesky Legacy and install it.
  • Once installation has been completed you are ready to use this game on your PC.


After reading this post you are ready to play Freesky Legacy on your PC. You can either take help of Bluestacks or Andy Android Emulator for installing the game and then playing it on your PC. If you are having any issues in installing the game on your PC feel free to contact us.