The fourth part of the Dungeon hunter series, Dungeon Hunter 4 is another addition in the RPG series game which comes with a lot of new features. Become part of the fantasy journey where thousands of enemies are waiting to get slaughtered by you. Get bonuses by killing all your enemies and make high scores. After you have finished your enemies loot their treasures and become rich.

DUNGEON HUNTER 4Dungeon Hunter 4 is an amazingly finished activity RPG. The greater part of the Dungeon Hunter diversions are greatly finished activity RPG.

Indeed, straight up until the last diversion we had almost no to say against them. They’ve generally had great 3d motors, strong controls, and a lot of hacky-slushy activity, and fulfilling character movement – gave you wouldn’t fret a touch of granulating.

The uplifting news is that Dungeon Hunter 4 is apparently the best yet in these regions. It looks marvelous, with a stout, nitty gritty – if non specific – dreamland that can toss twelve or somewhere in the vicinity multifaceted foes at you whilst scarcely breaking a sweat.

The movement is wonderfully strong; too, as you guide one of four otherworldly warriors – a powerful swordsman, an agile double sharpened steel wielder, an influential mage, or a crackshot toxophilite – through various hallways and coliseum scraps.

The virtual battle controls work flawlessly. There’s a virtual joystick for development, which never thinks twice, and a few virtual catches for standard assaults and extra extraordinary capabilities.

These extraordinary capabilities might be earned or purchased as you advancement, and there’s a welcome measurements of system as you choose when to utilize them.

As you annihilation adversaries your character will, unsurprisingly, level-up. As you do thus, your wellbeing and vitality (utilized for your extraordinary capabilities) will expand.

As you annihilation adversaries and find treasure midsections you’ll be given new weapons, and also new reinforcement. The thing is, these are constantly waste. Periodically you’ll show signs of improvement bit of unit, yet when all is said in done you won’t ever discover an astounding new bit of weaponry that provides for you a genuine playing point.

In Dungeon Hunter 4 there are four different kinds of warriors present and all these warriors have different combat skills and strategies which will help you in easily finishing off your enemies. Upgrade your gear and battle skills and become the master of Dungeon Hunter 4. You can also play this game with your friends by playing with them in the co-op arenas.

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You have to save the empire as you are the only hope of the people of your kingdom. You have special powers and skills which will help you to defeat all your enemies in no time. You can now play Dungeon Hunter 4 on PC. Read the guide below to find out how you can play Dungeon Hunter 4 on PC.



  • The best thing about this Dungeon Hunter 4 which you’ll generally encounter from beginning itself is that the illustrations quality is HD (High Definition).
  • Sound impacts and tracks being played out of sight match superbly with each liveliness.
  • As a result of these two, this amusement has had the capacity to make it dependent for the clients from beginning itself.


Android Emulator for pc

Bluestacks/Andy is an Android app player using which you can play and use all games and apps that are part of the Android Play Store. Though Bluestacks can be downloaded in both offline as well as online modes, but it is feasible to do it in the offline mode. This is because the process will not get interrupted due to power failure or loss of connection.

Refer to this link for installing Bluestacks on Windows and Mac.

Refer to this link for installing Bluestacks in offline mode.

For “Andy” emulator you need to click here Download Andy.

Now that you are done with installing Bluestacks/Andy, you can start downloading Dungeon Hunter 4 on PC. Follow these easy steps:

  •  In Bluestacks/Andy, go to the search field.
  • Type “Dungeon Hunter” in this field.
  • Now click on the Install button to start installing this game.
  • Once this is done, the game will start downloading.
  • After this process completes, you are now ready to play Dungeon Hunter on your PC.


  • Investigate the levels completely, crushing all containers and pots for plunder. In the same way, never leave behind a battle unless you’re to a great degree low on wellbeing. You require that encounter and the plunder that adversaries drop.
  • Don’t store weapons: offer them when you discover something better. It’s very nearly dependably worth paying to evacuate charms from their openings, however. You can just win more gold, and a great appeal combo can come in exceptionally helpful.
  • Though its great to offer futile weapons, its value clutching one or two elective weapons that have totally diverse appeal opening shapes or elective appeal loadouts. That way, you can change your weaponry as stated by the restriction.
  • It’s not worth purchasing diamonds for propelled weapons or things of shield until you truly require them, which is liable to be the point at which you achieve your first coliseum fight.
  • Don’t try squandering diamonds to accelerate appeal evacuation – it’s never crucial. The same by and large applies to overhauling gear. Holding up for a move up to break in will once in a while hold up a mission, as you’ll just truly get a huge development in capability level by using diamonds on an all-new kick-ass bit of supplies. Simply be patient and get on with the amusement while the clocks tick down.


Its a good thing to install if you like strategy games actually, because it will take more time to reset your strategy than the other you might have played before. But overall it scores good for its better display and superb game handling.

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