How to Download and Install Where’s My Water? 2 for PC

Where’s My Water? 2 is the amazing and the fun loving game from the Disney. This amazing physics, brain puzzle game has won many hearts with its graphics and the other aspects. You have to provide the enough water to the Swampy by clearing the hurdles and have to collect ducks. Where’s My Water 2 is the successor game of the Where’s My Water which has gained more and more popularity and now the developers has not disappointed us with the another version.

You can play this game on the Android device for free, but now you can try this game on your PC or MAC. This fun loving game has better controls and the graphics so that you can spend your whole day playing this game.

How to Download and Install Where's My Water 2 for PCFeatures

Swampy, the alligator and the hero of this game stays down the city with his other alligators. But, Swampy is the fun loving and the caring alligator. Other alligators have disconnected the water supply. Your task is to provide the correct path to the water and help it to reach the Swampy’s shower. Swampy always waits for the water to reach him and you have to accomplish tasks by collecting the ducks also.

Other alligators have left the acids and the other materials with which you will be bound in a certain time frame and you have to collect the ducks even you have to give a supply water to the Swampy to complete the level and allow Swampy to complete his shower.

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You will face the difficulty level up to 200 and in a different zone, where you have to face the obstacles and the tunnels to cross the level. You must collect the ducks in order to unlock the other scenes of 20 levels. Swampy is the very much expressive alligator. If he gets the water and have the shower, he enjoys like anything and if he doesn’t get the water or if he doesn’t get the water or it is getting too late then he shows the angry mood. Swampy’s sounds and the controls of the themes are superb and unique. You will love the controls of the game and you will love it for sure.


You have to surpass through the acids, ooze, toxic water and the other stuff which will help water to reach till Swampy’s shower. You must clear the grass with the acid so that it vanishes away or else grass grows more in the water. Also, acids loosen up the sand it makes its way on its own till
Swampy’s shower. So, in order to stop that either you have to help water to reach it till Swampy or make a path for that toxic water to flush away.

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Steps To Download Where’s My Water 2 for PC using and Andy Android emulator or BlueStacks Android Emulator

You might have enjoyed this game on your Android Smartphone, but now it’s time to make its way to your PC or MAC. I am sure you will love this game on your PC, with its smart interface for the users and also the superb controls and the sound options.

  • You must download the Andy Android Emulator from the official website or BlueStacks from its official website.
  • After downloading the file you must click on Run to start installing the file.
  • After you have completed all the steps you must click on Finish.
  • It will create the icon of the Android Emulator on your Desktop
  • Double Tap the icon and initialize it to open up.
  • After the Android Emulator appears up on your screen, go to the search box
  • After reaching into the search box, type Where’s My Water 2
  • You will get the game’s icon and the Install option
  • Click on the Install and the app will download and install automatically.
  • After that, enjoy the game with your friends and the family.


Where’s My Water 2 for PC is the fun loving brain puzzle game where you have to clear the obstacles, to help water to reach till Swampy’s shower. This 48MB game from the Disney has the great controls and the best graphic which will stun you from its all aspects. You will end up with the fun when you play this game on your PC with your friends and the families.