Doctor Who: Legacy for PC (Windows 7/8 & Mac)

The puzzle games are plenty in number when you visit the Google Play Store but some of them have been topping the charts. The basic gameplay is more or less the same, but the storyline is different and the puzzle that has an intriguing story makes their place in the heart of the Android gamers. The game seems easy, but you will have to play it quite a few times before you can master it. The Tiny Rebel Games has come up with Doctor Who: Legacy puzzle games. The next version is Rise of the Master which has introduced many new levels of the game, including Perk System and expert mode along with Season 5. In this puzzle game you have to match 3 or more gems of the same color until you reach the desired number to clear the level. You can start with the easiest level and then move on to harder ones else you will find it difficult to cope up with the levels. Another interesting thing about this game is that people across all ages can play this game with equal enjoyment. The rating of the game is on an average 9 out 10 so you can pretty well guess how popular the game is amongst the gamers.

Doctor Who - Legacy for PC Windows 7-8 & MacFeatures of Doctor Who: Legacy

According to The Guardian this game ranks within the top 50 games of Android world. The levels seem to be simple, but once you start playing you will know what you are getting into. There is no limit to the number of levels that you can play therefore it is an unending game that you can keep on playing as long as you want. You will keep on clearing each level and it will provide you with another. The time limit is the key so it all depends on whether you are able to clear the level within the time period that is set for each level. You have to get together with favorite Doctors and go back in time to the TV series and pull up the characters like Rory, Clara, Amy, River, K-9, Sarah Jane and various others. Join hands with them and try to solve the puzzles that are infinite in number. You will also face the enemies like Crush Daleks, weeping angels, headless monk, the silence, Spoonheads amongst in numerous other characters. You need to be in the destructive mode with weeping angels and destroy them all.

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Now you can also enjoy the Android games including Doctor Who: Legacy in your PC with the help of Android emulator. Once you download this emulator, you will be able to install all free games and apps from Google Play Store on your PC.

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Steps to download and install Doctor Who: Legacy using an Andy Android emulator or a BlueStacks Android emulator

In order to have the game installed on your PC you will have to download either of the two emulators. Once you have them on the desktop, then the downloading of games is as simple as downloading games from Google Play Store. Follow the steps to get your game downloaded and ready to be played on your PC:

  • In order to get the emulator downloaded, you have to visit the official website of Andy Android emulator or the official website of the BlueStacks Android emulator
  • Then, as per your operating system you have to select which emulator, you want to download
  • Now when the download is complete you can double-click on the icon to start the installation process
  • In order to successfully complete the installation process, you must follow the instruction carefully
  • Once the installation of the emulator is complete you can now open the emulator to begin the downloading process of the game
  • In the emulator, you will find the search option where you will have to type in the name of the game Doctor Who: Legacy in the search box and click on the Find box
  • It will come up with the result which will include Doctor Who: Legacy and various other puzzle games
  • You have to select the name of the game and click on Install button
  • The game will start downloading and once it is completed the installation process will start installing automatically
  • You will have the game ready to be played on your PC once the installation is complete


This is a popular Android and iOS game which can also be found on Facebook. Now with the updated version of the game almost all the bugs are fixed so that you can play the game easily without any interruption.