The Lord of death in demon clash was banished a long time ago who has been now brought back by his friends. All the evil creatures which are present in this world are now going under his leadership to take over the different alliances of the world. The forces are not that powerful that they can stop these creatures from doing what they are doing but you are having the ultimate power to make it happen.DEMON CLASH

Demon Clash comprises of monsters, treasures, dungeons and lots more are there in this exciting journey. Take part in amazing battles against your enemies and receive fame and power. Upgrade your weapons and equipment’s so that you can take over on your enemies easily. In each level of this game there is a boss monster which you have to defeat to reach the next level. You can also take help of your friends to defeat the boss monster.


We have mentioned some features of Demon Clash below

Demon Clash is the perfect place for mixed variety of creatures. Some of the creatures which you will find in this game are crazy monsters. Along with these monsters there are dungeons where all your skills will be tested. The monsters which you will find in this game are only present for protecting the treasures in the game. So once you have defeated any monster you will be able to take all the treasure which belonged with that particular monster.

In this game there are a lot of tricks battles in which you can participate. All your skills, power and abilities will be tested in these intense battles. Along with these battles there are tricky mazes too where you have to solve the puzzles and bring your brain in action.

You can also do customization in the game and all the equipments present in this game are fully customizable. Customizing the equipments will add more power to them and will give you more strength and power to defeat all your enemies. You can find out the performance of your hero by looking at the stats of your hero. You will find everything about your hero by looking at its stats, where it has reached.


The combat system of this game is really impressive and you can easily learn it. Even if you are a begineer you can easily play the game and get acquainted by the combat system by just few taps. There are different gaming modes in this game such as the combat system, multiplayer PvP. If you want to fight against your a lot of players or you want to play with your friends online you can try the multiplayer PvP mode.

There are many allies present in this game. You can join them or you can also defeat the bosses of different teams and allies and become the leader of that alley. If you think that the boss of any particular allie is stronger than you, then you can take help of your friends to defeat him.


There are some tips and tricks of the game which will help you while you are playing this game. If you want to make the highest scores then we suggest you to have a read of the below mentioned tips and tricks.

  • There is one element in the game which is known as the Cube. The Cube comes with magical powers and it will help you a lot when you are playing this game. If you get a chance to get the cube make sure that you are using it wisely. It is very useful and it performs wonders which were never possible before.
  • Proficiency helps a lot while you are playing this game. It is unlocked at level 16 and as the ratings of proficiency are increased the target value of any equipment is increased by 1%. This means if you are using any weapon it will be aimed better after increased proficiency.
  • There are basically three skills in the game which are attack, body and defense skill. Skills are unlocked at level 13 in the game. If you want to upgrade the skills you need to spend some points. Upon spending some points the skills will be increased. You can earn more and more skill points by clearing the dungeons. The more difficult is the dungeon the more skill points it will offer to you.
  • If you want to get at the top of the leaderboard you should complete as many as challanges. Completing challanges will help you reach at the top of the leaderboard in no time.