Become part of the galactic adventure and start building colonies in Cosmic Colony. Not only you have to build colonies but also there are a lot of dangers prevailing in the space which are waiting for you. You are the leader of your people and you have to establish a colony in the space so that your people are with a place to live.

In the same way as other social diversions, Cosmic Colony underpins a companion framework that remunerates you for having companions to play with. You can visit a companion’s settlement and produce assets for him while gaining some experience for yourself.

Dissimilar to numerous social recreations, Cosmic Colony handles the issue of foes by means of an extremely cool scaled down diversion. Occasionally, privateers will assault your settlement, and you need to guard it by swiping at foe boats while dodging heaved shells.

While this Fruit-Ninja-in-space does feel like a marginally clumsy fit for the diversion, it presents a great measure of mixture into the gameplay and keeps Cosmic Colony feeling new.

cosmic colony

There are various missions which you can complete and upon completion of these missions you will be rewarded with resources which you have to use wisely so that you can make the people of your nation happy. As you are in search for some of the best mysterious artifacts explore and seek out different planets.

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Over the planets there are a lot of enigmatic landmarks which are hidden and you have to discover them and take control of them. You also have to face different challenges while you are up in the space and the one major challenge is falling of meteorites. You can now play Cosmic Colony on PC with the help of Bluestacks. Read the guide below to install Bluestacks on your PC.



  • Cosmic Colony is based on solid design with a ’40s science fiction stylish. While a few characters may have a bit of steampunk in their configuration, the dominant part of them appear as though they ventures off the set of Buck Rogers.
  • These characters saunter about in a flawlessly rendered world, where satisfying ecological impacts like passing mists and fledglings help to liven up the air.
  • Since Cosmic Colony is a city-builder, this lavish virgin scene is yours to raid. The amusement provides for you a lot of alternatives, from building outline directly down to the color of the streetlights.
  • Cosmic Colony conveys this distraction with feel to the amazing, swaying you to make a city as well as to make a city that looks incredible.


An Android emulator is modifying which allows you to use distinctive requisitions and also entertainments that are a bit of the Android market. Bluestacks is one such Android emulator which could be smoothly presented on your PC. It could be presented in both online and also detached from the net modes.

Get into this link for presenting Bluestacks on Windows and Mac.

Get into this link for presenting Bluestacks in offline mode.

To try through “Andy” emulator click here Download Andy.

Despite that you are done with presenting Bluestacks, you can start downloading Cosmic Colony on PC. Take after these basic steps:

  • Open Bluestacks and quest for the chase field.
  • Sort “Cosmic Colony” in the request field.
  • For presenting this beguilement, click on the “install” get.
  • When you click, the downloading system will start on its own.
  • After this system completes, you are prepared to play Cosmic Colony on your PC.


  • Despite the fact that like Fruit Ninja, the ‘cut the privateers’ scaled down amusement is not as responsive. Plan your swipes early and don’t want lighting-quick controls from the diversion.
  • Certain structures and improvements will produce rewards when set by different structures. Make certain to drag a building’s foot shaped impression around a bit before you settle on a home for it.
  • Investigating the outsider ruins on a guide is an extraordinary approach to produce pay. When you grow your base, attempt to extend towards however many of these remnants as could be allowed.


Regardless of the possibility that you’re not an aficionado of freemium city-manufacturers, Cosmic Colony is well worth a download. It’s loose in its asset and vitality impediments, along these lines its not difficult to get put resources into it.

Add to this loose approach some lovely illustrations and constraining investigation and even the most fervent rival of freemium titles may discover themselves having a great time with it.