Clash of Clans Troops Explained

Clash of Clans game consists of various different land and air troops like barbarian, archers, wall breaker, dragons, healers etc. In this article we will explain all the Clash of Clans Troops in detail. So to start with lets see barbarians.


Barbarian Clash of Clans is a variant of the famous Clash of Clans series. This game basically is about a barbarian warrior who makes use of his gigantic physique as well as bulging muscles to scare and cause havoc in the enemy villages.

Barbarian - Clash of Clans

Summary – This barbarian warrior always has angry expression on his face and he is always ready to fight. He has blonde hair and has a trademark long moustache resembling a handlebar.

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He resembles a Scottish warrior due to his brown kilt with a leather belt and a steel buckle in the shape of a shield. His leather boots further make him the perfect scary warrior. Barbarian warrior is the first stage of the Barracks.


Like every arcade and action game, this also comes with some strategies and game plans. Below are the Offensive and Defensive strategies of this game.

Offensive Strategies

The barbarian normally uses the following offensive strategies.

  • Barbarian is supported by an army of giants and archers.
  • For making all your barbarians to attack a single wall, you can make one barbarian to target a wall and drop rest of the barbarians.
  • Since some barbarians are weak, they cannot go through the wall. To enable them to break through a wall, follow the above strategy or use Wall Breakers/ high demanding troops like P.E.K.K.As.
  • Spread your barbarians so that they do not get collectively picked by a Wizard tower or Mortar. This is because these buildings cause splash damage to them.
  • Barbarians have no fixed target while attacking and they will simply attack the building which is closest to them.
  • Barbarians are good at taking Builder’s Hut and similar lone buildings because they cause less damage.
  • If any Mortar is exposed to even a single Barbarian, he can destroy it because Mortars cannot target troops which are closer to them.
  • Large hordes are more effective in destroying anything that comes their way.
  • A bunch of 5 Barbarians can be as effective as a Giant.

Defensive Strategies

  • Barbarians are the best choice when it comes to choosing troops for the Clan Castle due to their high strength and ability to cause damage.
  • They can tackle more attackers and also delay their actions.
  • You can have a large number of Barbarians in your Clan because their housing space is just 1.


The Archers Clash of Clans is the very first ranged unit that will be unlocked in any barrack. A female character with pink hair and sharp eyes is the Archer.

Archers Clash of ClansSummary – An Archer wears a short light green dress with a matching cape, a leather belt and attached small pouch. She has a quiver slung to her back and a golden ring on each of her upper arms. Her quivered arrows are fletched with pink feathers. These archers have no preferred target. They have the habit of attacking whatever that comes their way.


As is the case with every game, Clash of Clans Troops Archer also has some interesting strategies.


Offensive Strategies

  • Archers Clash of Clans have very long range and can attack over walls. However, they are not immune to fire.
  • Since Dragons, Mortars and Wizards can do splash damage, they are of high risk for the archers. This makes them vulnerable to most of their opponent’s defenses.
  • Archers should always be deployed in large numbers. There is a strategy called Archer Rush in which they are spread over a large area so that a single shot from Mortars and Wizards would not kill all of them.
  • Because of the weak nature of archers, players often prefer to use Giants as well as Barbarians for attracting fire and for distracting their enemies.
  • If only archers and barbarians are used, there is no chance of winning the battle. Even collecting 2 stars is a tough job.
  • The Archers are not safe from any kind of defense except for the air units. This is because Mortar’s blind spot is much smaller than Archer’s range.
  • You can also try dead spots i.e. deploy one Archer for each building and see if any defenses can hit you. It is a great way for reducing loss and also for increasing the loot and for destroying more buildings.
  • Lone buildings such as Builder’s Hut can be easily taken down by them as it causes less destruction.
  • Putting a handful of Archers on one defensive building where only that building can attack the group is usually successful.

Defensive Strategies

  • Since Archers Clash of Clans can target both air and ground units, they are excellent for Clan Castle troops.
  • If enemies spot Archers behind any wall, they will immediately start attacking that wall in order to reach them. However, often Archers forget to hide and start fighting in the open space.

Dragon Clash of Clans

As you move forward in this game, you will reach a level called the Dragon Clash of Clans. One of the mightiest creatures, dragons has their terror known across the lands.

Dragon Clash of ClansSummary – Dragon is basically a scary air unit which is capable of attacking both air as well as ground units. Like the Wizard, dragon also has splash and range damage. However, this is not possible in case of Balloons. Also, Dragon does not target any specific building or troop to attack; it simply destroys whatever is nearest to it, unlike the Balloons.

Dragons commonly use the short-range splash damage while attacking. This ability of the Dragon can only be noticed when it is used against Walls or Clan Castle Troops.


Dragons have the additional advantage of attacking both the ground as well as air units. Below are the Offensive and Defensive strategies that can be used.

Offensive Strategies

  • The most common offensive strategy used by Dragon is to take down as many air units and defenses as possible or cast Lightening Spells. This is due to the reason that they are the weaknesses of this powerful air unit.
  • A mix of both Dragons as well as Balloons is what we can call a great strategy. This is a very expensive but effective and reliable strategy. In this, the Dragon can suck up fire from Wizard Towers and other Air Defenses while the Balloons can directly destroy all the defensive buildings coming their way.
  • Since the high cost of Dragons is of no use in accordance to the resources available in this game, they are only used for the purpose of collecting trophies.

Defensive Strategies

  • Dragons are one of the most powerful troops of this game, which makes it difficult to have defense against them.
  • Multiple high level air defenses are also critical to defend against the Dragons.
  • For this purpose, the air defense should always be lined behind the primary line of defense so that they can be used early in the battle.
  • Dragons are amazing Clan Castle troops because they are immune to almost every attack from the ground troops.
  • Their ability to cause splash damage further enables them to destroy Goblins and Barbarians.
  • Dragons can survive multiple attacks from archers and Wizard Towers, while a major attack can even destroy them.