Clash of Clans Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide

Created by Supercell, Clash of Clans is the ultimate arcade and action game. The popularity of this game made it available for Android/ iPhone/ iPad as well as iPod devices. It is available for tablets as well.  Clash of Clans is basically a strategy game in which players can construct as well as expand their villages.

Clash of Clan Strategy Tips, Tricks and Strategy GuideAccordingly, more and more defences as well as warriors can be unlocked, while also raiding and piling resources from the villages that you invade during this game. You can also build your own troops; train them and battle with millions of players online. This game is available free of cost while some elements of it can be purchased with real money as well. In case you do not want to make these In- app purchases, you can disable the “In- App Purchases” feature in your device’s settings.

For forming the most powerful and ultimate clan, you can also join with other players. There are multiple levels of upgrade (with 15 unique units) available in this game. A number of weapons and defenses can be used for defending your village. Some of these are Cannons, Mortars, Walls, Bombs, Towers as well as Traps.

You can also intensify your army by including a combination of Archers, Goblins, Barbarians, War Wizards, Dragons and lots of other powerful warriors and mighty fighters. The ultimate goal of playing Clash of Clans is to make your clan the most supreme over other clans and the quest doesn’t get over until this is achieved.

There are few very useful elements in this game which makes it more interesting. They are also helpful in moving forward in this game. These elements are as follows:

1. Clash of Clans Tips and Strategy Guides

clash of clans tips

In this section of this game, you will find all the tricks and strategies that will be helpful while playing Clash of Clans. There are specific guides in this game related to building your village, weapons, raiding as well as for other statistical information. Also, there is special province for players who have their own strategies where they can share these strategies and tips with other players online.

Below are the frequently used tips and strategies from this game:

Clash of Clans Tips (Offensive)

  • During the multiplayer battles, the maximum amount of resources that you can raid are 50 percent of the total resources stored in Elixir/ Gold collections, 75 percent of dark elixir which is stored in Dark Elixir Drills. 5 percent of dark elixir stored in Dark Elixir storages and at last, 20 percent of Gold/ Elixir storages, plus 100 percent of whatever is stored in the Town Hall. In case the opponent is having a Town Hall which is lower than yours, the amount that can be looted is reduced, otherwise it gets higher.
  • In every battle, you can end the battle without losing any of your Trophies in case of a raid. This is if you have not deployed your troops or have not used any spells and also if the button does not say “Surrender”.
  • For destroying your opponent’s Town Hall, you will gain one star. At this point, you have the choice to either end the game with victory or continue the battle to gain the 2 remaining stars as well. For causing 50 percent damage, you get the second star while the third star is for destroying your opponent completely.
  • Even when you are raiding any village, the barracks will continue producing troops. It is beneficial to keep producing troops at all times.
  • In case your attacking troops have managed to survive the battle, you will have to replace them if you have deployed them once.
  • With the lack/ absence of a lava pool, you can easily tell if the Inferno Tower is operational or not.
  • With the lack/ presence of an Elixir magazine and bowstring, you can tell if the X- Bow is empty or full. You can also tell if the X- Bow is set to the ground or both to the air as well as ground.
  • If you will raid people with higher amount in their town Hall, it will give them the opportunity to attack you for “Revenge” later.

Clash of Clans Tips (Gameplay)

  • If any Clan Castle troop manages to survive the battle, it will return to your Clan Camp in full health.
  • The Healers will be fitted at a higher Clan Castle or on level 2.
  • Dragons will be kept in level 3 or higher Clan Castle.
  • Golem will fit into a level 5 Clan Castle.
  • P.E.K.K.As will fit into level 4 or the higher Clan Castle.
  • Even in dark grass where you cannot set a building, troops can be spawned by the enemies.
  • The multiplayer match- making will be based entirely on the Trophy count of each player.
  • If your Town Hall gets destroyed or 40 to 89 percent of your buildings get destroyed in a battle, you will be provided a 12- hour shield. However, 16 hour shield is also there in case there is 90 percent damage.
  • If you are farming, it is ideal to leave your Town Hall unprotected.
  • No one can steal your Gems.
  • Defense is not possible for your Army Camp troops. In case any army camp gets destroyed during battle, its troops remain unaffected.

Clash of Clans Tips (Miscellaneous)

  1. As defensive buildings cannot be upgraded shielded during upgrading, they should be upgraded during shields only.
  2. Before upgrading your Town Hall, you should try to upgrade all your buildings as well as towers to the maximum level.
  3. Best place for the Clan Castle is the centre of the village. The All- Purpose troops i.e. the Archers are best for filling your troops. Other good choices are Dragons, Minions and Wizards.
  4. In case you do not have any shield, try to spend or hide all your resources by the end of the day.
  5. Purchase a shield in case your resources are too high.
  6. Be prepared for battles at all times.
  7. Train as many troops in your barracks as you can before it gets upgraded.
  8. For Trophy farming, hold Next before attacking a person, release one Goblin and let go of Next as fast as possible.

2. Clash of Clans Defensive Buildings

 How to Download and Install Clash of Clans for PC Windows 78MacA strong defense is what leads you towards a capable offense in this game. In a lot more ways, defense is more important and necessary than offense. Defense is important for saving your troops resources and to safeguard your army’s trophies. Each and every defense has their own characteristics and it is very important for its location in your village to reflect that as well. For example, rate of fire of a Mortar is slow but it is good at splash damaging ground troops.


Also, it cannot attack the air troops; hence it should be placed at the center of your village with adequate air defenses around it. On the other hand, Archers and Cannons cannot cause mass destruction because they can only target one unit at a time. But these can attack without wasting any time and hence are very good for first line of defenses. Last but not the least, the Wizard Tower can target both air as well as ground units but has very short range.

3. Clash of Clans  Resource Buildings

Clash of Clans Resource Buildings

In Clash of Clans, resource refers to the currencies which can be used for purchasing and upgrading your clan’s assets. In this game, there are 4 different kinds of resources such as Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir and Gems. Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir are known for having building for storing them.

GOLD: It is a resource which is dug up from the gold mines. When collected, it can be stored in the gold storages. The top right side of the screen shows the amount of gold that you have collected. Gold can be used for building and upgrading defenses, buildings, troops, elixir storages as well as collectors, traps, walls, etc. National flag decorations can also be done using gold.

 ELIXIR: This resource is collected by the Elixir collectors. It is stored in Elixir storages after they are collected. On the top right of the screen under the Gold deposits, the amount of Elixir that you have collected is displayed. It can be used for purchasing as well as upgrading troops, defensive buildings, armies, dark elixir drills, dark elixir storages, gold storage and gold mines. A number of decorations can also be placed with their help.

DARK ELIXIR: These resources are collected by the dark elixir drills. On collections, they are stored in the dark elixir storages. The amount of dark elixir that you have collected in this game will be displayed on the top right of the screen below elixir. They are used for purchasing and upgrading hero class troops, and also for training and maintaining dark elixir troops.

GEMS: This resource is most commonly obtained through In- App Purchases i.e. IAP. There are other methods to obtain gems as well but they take a lot of time. These can also be achieved by completing tasks and achievements. Gems can be used for purchasing gold, elixir and dark elixir. They are also known for speeding up the up gradation process and also to finish the troop training. However, it is a better idea to save gems for builder’s huts as this will increase the rate of upgrades.

4. Clash of Clans Army Buildings

Clash of Clans Army Buildings

You need to train as well as maintain a strong army in order to withhold attacks and to defeat your enemies. All buildings in this section require both Elixir as well as Dark Elixir. Various kinds of buildings under it are Barracks, Dark Barracks, Army Camps, Spell Factory, Archer Queen Altar, Laboratory, Barbarian King Altar and a lot more.

5. Clash of Clans Other Buildings

Clash of Clans Other Buildings

Other building is the category of those structures which are neither defensive, resource giving nor offensive. But they are still very important for the game play. For instance, the Town Hall which is the heart of your village and tells you about which buildings you can have, how far you can upgrade them and also how many buildings you can have.

Also, the Clan Castle connects you with other players in the clan. Decorations are useful in decorating your village and last but not the least the trees and rocks in your village can be called the Obstacles. They sometime also give you gems in this game.

6. Clash of Clans Troops

Clash of Clans Troops

In Clash of Clans, troops are used for either defeating your enemy or against the goblins. They can also be used against other players in order to loot their elixir, dark elixir and trophies, often known as Raiding. These troops are formed in barracks and they are stored in the army camps.

At present, there are 15 different types of troops in this game and they are created in the barracks. Also, 10 of these troops require elixir for their creation, training as well as maintenance. Rest of the 5 troops require dark elixir and are trained in the dark barracks. Additionally, there are 2 hero troops as well. All these troops can be upgraded in the laboratory.  All these troops are upgraded in the game on the basis of the distinct levels they are on.

7. Editing Protocol

Subsequently, lots of edits and upgrades are being introduced in the Clash of Clans.

8. Duxter’s CoC Protocol


On most of the pages of Clash of Clans, you will find the Keys on the left top corner of your screen. Keys represent the level of security protection provided on each page.

  1. Blue Key means that the page is a user’s personal page and it can be edited by anyone. But one should always ask for permissions first.
  2. Green Key represents a community page and it can be edited by anyone.
  3. Yellow Key means that you need to register first and remove the “New Editor” tag from your user page. After this, you can edit it.
  4. Red Key means that you need to be the Administrator of a page in order to be able to edit it.

Usually, both Red and Yellow pages are put whenever a page is considered to be complete.

Future Updates

Check Sneak Peek from time to time in order to get information about the future updates of this game. Information on Sneak Peek is updated whenever anything new is found on Supercell’s Facebook Page.