People who love strategy game will definitely love the Castle Clash by the developer Building castles and fighting your own game will give you all the high that you want by playing a game. This game is available on Google Play Store for Android Smartphone users. As this game comes completely free of cost, therefore you can download it any time you want and start enjoying the game on your Smartphone. Sometimes what happens is that these kinds of strategy games deserve a bigger screen so the requirement of the Castle Clash for PC arises.

While playing on the big screen you will be reminded of the time when you used to play video games because the gameplay is quite similar to that of the popular video games. In most countries Castle Clash is ruling the chart with a rating of more than 4.5 from the users.


In this game you will need to build your own fortress in a way so that it remains invincible and for that you have to keep upgrading it time and again. You will be made available to wild troops whom you have to train to make them experts and form your own army. The battles that you will fight in this game are fast paced and realistic and it will keep you intrigued for hours without letting you feel bored. In the Arena you will have the opportunities to check out the real strength of your heroes by pitting them against other players.

There are several players playing this game online therefore you have the opportunity to challenge yourself by playing against them. It is also a combat game apart from being a strategy game. You will now be able to play in different languages other than English like Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, etc.

The user interface is easy and you can just tap or swipe through to enjoy powerful spells. If there is any hitch if you might say so, then it is the requirement of data usage while playing the game. It cannot be played offline so if you are using a limited data usage, then you might run into trouble. On the other hand it is an advantage too, as you get to compete with millions of online players out there.

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In the game you have conquered territories, be a part of epic battles and become the most powerful king of the place. The structure of this game is distributed into various shields, resources, attacks, decorations and defense. Every action has something to contribute towards making the territory strong and its troops strong. In the gameplay you can choose which mode you want to play, whether it is a player v/s player or player v/s monster in order to confront real enemies from all across the globe.

The graphics of this game are simply superb, but the sound can be a pain sometimes because of the loud nature. If you are playing the game during the night, then the noise is surely going to kill the silence of the night annoying people around you even though you might be enjoying it.

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Steps to download and install Castle Clash for PC (Windows 7/ 8, Mac) using Andy/BlueStacks Android emulator

Now, as I mentioned earlier that these kinds of strategic games can be played well in full screen therefore if you can have the game downloaded on your PC then nothing like that. Due to the development of Android emulators people are enjoying the Android games and apps on their PC effortless. Here is how you can get the game on your PC:

  • In order to get the game on your PC you first need the emulator and for that you will have to visit the official website of Andy or the BlueStacks official website to get it downloaded from there
  • Now to start with the installation process, you will have to double-click on the icon that is there on your desktop
  • To complete the installation process, you need to follow the instructions that appear on the screen carefully
  • Now when you have the emulator ready to be used you have to open it and locate the search function
  • Then type in the name of the game Castle Clash in the search box
  • It will come up with the search result from where you have to select the name of the game and then click on the install button
  • The game will start downloading once you hit the button
  • When it is done by downloading the installation process will be rolled out automatically
  • You have to wait for the installation to get completed so that you can enjoy the game on full screen


If you are in love with strategic games, then the Castle Clash will surely win your heart over with its gameplay. Moreover, if you want to play more strategic games like these then you can also try Clash of Clans, Backyard monster, Clash of Lords, Steam Clans and many more like these. Before starting this game make sure that you have enough data package to support the gameplay for long.