Blocky Roads for PC (Windows 7/8,Mac)

Blocky Roads is developed by Crescent Moon Games and it is a great racing game. This game will give you the chance to get in your car and discover many beautiful locations such as the green hills, the mountains and desert dunes as well. It is a one of a kind blocky adventure in which a tornado has destroyed your farm and has scattered it all across the globe.

Blocky Roads for PC

You have to take this bumpy journey in order to collect the missing pieces for redoing your farm and to bring it to its initial glory. You get to choose one from any of the 9 cars in this game and you can create your own car as well. Once you finish the track 3 in this game, the car editor will be unlocked for you and you can create your own cars from here on. There are 12 different tracks in this game, along with a number of customizable characters.

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The beautiful Voxel graphics makes this race more beautiful and adventurous. You can also compare and beat your friends via the leader board. Earlier developed for Android devices, this game can be played on PC as well. Bluestacks can be used for this purpose. Scroll down to download and install Blocky Roads on your PC.


Obviously Blocky Roads is not a vehicle in its true sense but if it were one than it would have been the most impressive vans that you might have seen on the road occasionally. The car actually seems very solid and a detailed functional utility vehicle once you approach to it.This is mesmerising enough to provide enough of fun.Our farmer who is stupid enough has lost almost everything he used to own to a freaking tornado. It consisted of his farm, pigs, house, tractor and many more.

So finally the entire responsibility comes on to your shoulders to help him gain everything that he has lost to the devastating tornado. Now let’s get back to the method of doing it. The only method of doing it is to drive your vehicle through twelve numbers of obstacle that become increasingly demanding and difficult. You need to do it somewhat in an incongruous manner by not keeping up with the environment. Throughout the way you need to collect every last piece of farm equipments .


If you must know the game is loosely based on the Trials console series. But we do have to admit that the process is carried out in a strict disciplined way providing endless entertainment. While in these types of games you usually need to twist your devices in awkward fashion the game developers has provided unique facilities of virtual accelerator and the break controls using RIGHT THUMB and LEFT THUMB.The game is having some incredible quick physics and amazing supporting system. Well what else do you need? When you are about to accelerate the vehicle leans back on its suspension and then comes the breaks which has complete negative effects.

Just for you to take note that this is isn’t about showing off by doing dangerous stunts. It’s only about getting as far as you could in the long run and the amount of money that you have earned to modify your vehicle the best way possible. So always remember to upgrade your engine so that you would be faster each and every time and even the fuel tank of the vehicle would go further.


Android Emulator for pc

While trying to install Blocky Roads for PC just refer to the following steps below

  • Use the following emulators from below given links:-
    Andy emulator from the official website or Bluestack from its  official website . Use them to download any of these android emulator to your system.
  • After you are done with the first step just open the emulator and go to the Google playstore and then type the specific name of the game i.e., In this case you would be indeed typing Blocky Roads
  • When the name of the game appears click on it.
  • The game would automatically start downloading
  • After the downloading is over the installation starts almost consequently.
  • Just enjoy while you are playing the game.