Best Music Player Application for Android Phone and Tablet

Music is a one things which is used for many purposes. If you want to relax or you want to dance, you need some tunes to ease or pump you up. Getting music players with great features can be difficult to find sometimes.

Best Music Player Application for Android Phone and Tablet

Today, we are going to share some of the best music player application which you can use on your Android smartphone.

Fusion Music Player

A great app which helps to create a relation between “U and Music”. This app comes with a lot of advanced features and we would like to share some of the features with you guys which we liked. Fusion Music Player comes with a widget for your lock screen, providing you controls even when your phone is locked. This app comes with band equalizer using which you can select various presets.

First of all lets Us mention about Fusion Music Player. In the fusion music player you would find quite some similarities to Google’s very own play music app. While using it you would find that it has done quite a good job at by establishing a particular organized interface with the desirable holo theme. Well but of course  if you don’t seem to like the theme as much then you obvious have three other options like Twilight Sky, Dark Night and also Deep Sea.

It facilitates you to stream the popular current music of the top charts .You can also SHOUTcast radio. All the above mentioned are free streaming options so that you don’t have to pay any bucks for those apps. The options are extremely good for you if in case you do not possess huge collection of music on any of your local storages.However it must be noted that the streaming quality may not be comparable to the qualities of Pandora or Spotify. It might be jerky at times.

Well the main focus of any music player is not just simply streaming qualities but other factors as well. The major factors of the app includes it’s well built and sturdy quality and very well does the things for what it’s made out for.
Here you would find the gesture control settings to be awesome in particular. Some of the examples include shake-to-play and pause amongother options. If at all you are interested to try your hands on it then you simply get it from the Play Store


N7 Player

N7 Player comes with a beautiful interface and provides a lot of exciting features. If you are looking for album art of any track or any album you can search it and download it too using N7 Player. If you want to try the basic features which come with N7 Player, you can try the trial version and if you want to experience more advanced features you can buy the premium version for $3.49 only.

N7 is just the music player that our android devices. Since this unique and innovative product is specifically and specially built for android devices. While you first open this app you see the app initiating a lengthy synchronising process which actually enables the music player to search and recognise all the collection of songs and albums that you are having or that is stored in your device. So from now on the n7 comes to its full fledged action.

Whichever music you want to play or listen is easily searchable by many standard ways as any of you would expect it to be. You can easily search for any songs by simply typing the name of the song or album or artist. N7 player also offers you with a list of unique and colourful ways to finding something to listen to.

PlayerPro Music Player

The third app which makes to our list is PlayerPro Music Player which comes with a great user interface and also the best music player application for android. You can customize the app by choosing from a variety of skins from Google Play store. You can access all the albums, tracks by using tabs which are located at the top of the app. You can also use the app widget and access the music player from your lock screen. Play tracks continuously by adding crossfading effect to your tracks using this app.


One of the most powerful apps which you can use on your Android smartphones. Create great music by messing up with equalizers, bands, presets. You can customize this app to a great extent by adding new themes, downloading album art and much more. You can also customize your headset by from choosing different equalizers.